met on 20 february

Chiara, at PanePasta, Milano

Tati and I woke up and.. we decided to torture Chiara.
Tati decided to apply her some nail polish, but she refused the offer, even after being pressed by us.
Then we decided we wanted to make her up, but she refused again.
Finally I succeeded in braiding her hair, but she had such messed up hair that I had to put a handful of hair conditioner on it.
Here she's watching skins, disconsolate, with full-of-conditioner-hair.

it would have been great meeting

lotus flower

met on 18 february

Franci, Bucci, Melo, at PanePasta, Milano

I love dinners at my place!
Our guests have been Franci, ex-flatmate, and two friends from Bergamo.
Ali cooked a potful of risotto, but then they brought so much food...

and this was our kitchen the morning after


met on 14 february

happy st. valentine day!

I decided to have a romantic dinner with my boyfriend and my flatmates, watching Machete by Robert Rodriguez. Wow! In Machete everything you always dreamt happens. The good wins, the bad dies. In a perfect trash, splatter way.
As it should be.

it would have been great meeting

black hearted love

met on 10 february

The Churchill Outfit, at Vinile45, Brescia
[pic by Anna]

I love you!
Ok, they're friends of mine, but I really like their music.

Oh, their EP 'In Dark Times' is now available.

Anna, at Vinile45, Brescia

Anna loves photography and she took lots of pictures to our friends.
I tried to take her some pictures too, but... either I'm not able to photograph or she's not photogenic at all! That's why the picture here above has been taken by someone else.

i love fede's tattoo

mr. gavin
4 Mr. Gavin by The Churchill Outfit

met on 4 february

Marchino, at Sgt. Pepper's, Milano

I had to say goodbye to him, he's flying to Shanghai and he will spend there the next six months. Milano is going to look strange without you!
Obviously I'm taking care of Sonia, his sweet girlfriend.

what did he bring to china?
The Olive Branch shower gel, so that he can't forget mediterranean smell!

arrested in shanghai

met on 3rd february

Giulia, Davide, Dino, Sonia, out of Clo's door, Milano

Surprise cake for Clo's 24th birthday!
Giulia cooked this amazing chocolate cheesecake, Sonia bought candles and... at midnight we were ready out of her door.
I love making surprises.

happy birthday

she baby

met on 1st february

Ceci, PanePasta, Milano

Ceci is our new flatmate!! Welcome to PanePasta!

here is our "bad toys collection"