met on 26 november

This is Antonella, Bar Cuore, Milano

People from Arezzo. Antonella is against Facebook because the day after having party you find there pics tagged with your name and surname showing you in embarrassing poses.
"I know a boy called Riccardo.. he lives in one of the main Arezzo streets.." "via Masaccio?" "right! he lives in via Masaccio!" "He's a cook now!"
So, through her I said Hello to Riccardo, who lives in via Masaccio in Arezzo and now works as a cook.

Eddie Vedder, photographed by Danny Clinch
watching Into the Wild "Is this Eddie Vedder's voice? Yes, it is"

met on 24 november

This is Rob, Università Bocconi, Milano

"Hey look! I've just found a tie in my bag!"
A not at all common boy from Arluno that on friday night (/saturday morning) jumps with his face into a heaps of leaves shouting "STOMALEEE! A LEAVES-MADE BED! SHOULD I JUMP INTO IT?".
ecco rob, sputtanato anche qua!

met on 19 november

This are Raffaello and Guido, Bar Cuore, Milano

As luck would have it, Sara and I met them out of Cuore on a weird wednesday night. Raffaello saved my night. Had a good chat with them and found out that Guido, better known as Duty Gorn, is an artist I knew only by name.
What are you waiting for? Take a stroll around porta Genova, go to via Orseolo 7 and take a look at his works!

These are Amanda and Matteo, really don't know where, Milano

Amanda the amazing spanish girl and Matteo the crazy Sara's brother. Great time with them, inventing spanish words to talk with Amanda, while another friend was spending his time shouting with a megaphone bought in the street.

met on 13 november

These are Stella and Rasputin, casa Teodosio, Milano

Betty and Stella's house is always full of surprises: yesterday night Rasputin the hamster, the tiny and shy Rasputin found in a trash can that spends his evenings alone in the kitchen because he can't stand smoke.
Here in Stella's hands, Stella the musician with her 4 or 5 or 6 bands, with her amazing knowledge of music, Stella that yesterday was planning to go to Sonar in Barcelona because "you should go there before you are thirty".
I was almost forgetting the second "casa Teodosio"'s surprise, our table cloth for the dinner (Betty design):
oh yes, old newspapers table-cloth! Have fun soiling it, don't have to wash, just turn the page!

everything, but here is the dessert: honey pudding with blackberries

met on 12 november

This is Sara, Magazzini Generali, Milano

Two places, same person, same scene:
2006 Mykonos - I didn't know she was there, 6 am dancing at Cavo Paradiso, I saw her in the crowd, my friend Sara, unable to talk, but able to shout "AAAAAHHHH". Same thing for me.
2008 Milano - Just entered in the club I saw her walking alone. "Sara?" "AAAAAAHHHH"

met on 11 november

This is Paul, Colonne di San Lorenzo, Milano

How funny can be doing teawork for the Design Workshop at Colonne?! So much funny if you meet Paul there!!
Paul, Milano missed you so much! Arrived last friday, the party week started!
Despite the party week, today, mostly thanks to him, our design management team had great success:


Tom Dickson, the Blendtec founder

met on 10 november

These are Rossella, Alex and Cristina, at Cristina's

Paul arrived in Milan, after almost one year I had met Cristina. After walking 4km by feet because of the public transport's strike, I arrived at hers. Drinking good red wine, having a delicious buffet dinner, time has gone very quickly till Cristina told us: "Hey guys, it's almost midnight, I'm asking you to go home in a few moments".

PS Way back home: still by feet!


Hyderabad, India

And I'll be there in February, 3 weeks at the Indian School of Business!

met on 7 november

These are Roby and Matteo, our little but beautiful home, Milano

I already knew Matteo, but in a different contest from the one I met him yesterday. Our first dialogue in this house was something so weird, that I can't even remember it.
But I remember when I came back home tonight at five that it has been really a pleasure finding them on the sofa.
Please look at Roby's curly hair, I did them with my magic hands and she's so beautiful and cool!

This is Stefano, Circolo Magnolia, Milano

Last Marc's friend I met was supposed to bring me home, but he couldn't find his car so we had to catch a bus. Stefano, another Marc's friend, found his car yesterday but I had to drive while he was shouting in the back of the car: "Biloute! Biloute!" or "Hey you drive it carefully, it's my dad's car" or "I'm from Holland, I live in Amsterdam" and he never never stopped talking.


Marc - NEMSI

met on 1st november

This is Marco, via Tosio, Brescia

He was just shouting nonsense words when I met him yesterday at midnight. A video shows him saying "Ciao MTV, ciao mamma I'm not drunk". But after these pics he made me promise to write that he is interested in women, neither in poles nor in bottles necks.

This is my personal friend Miss Grasshopper, Latte Più, Brescia


Date with the Night - Yeah Yeah Yeahs