met on 22 may

Arianna with Arianna - PanePasta - Milano

Arianna lives 450 meters far from me and 50 meters far from my boyfriend's place. In spit of this... we met last time at the end of March.
She works at Lomography and she is obviously Lomo-addict.
Here is her caricature drawn by Dino. 

met on 20 may

Luca - pic found on his facebook - Milano

Luca is from Brescia, but lives in Milano where he founded a communication agency.
He talks soooo much! He is nice and I already knew him, but people who met him for the first time were kind of shocked!
Maybe one day we will work together.

The Churchill Outfit - Rocket - Milano

Nothing to say, but: LISTEN HERE!

met on 19 may

Yuri, Pepe and Dino - via Padova - Milano

Let's go to via Padova! Today there is the via Padova area festival!
Ok.. there was nothing. 
Really, nothing.
We asked in a bar, they even had the festival flyers, but they did not knew anything about it. 
We watched the penalty kicks of the Champions League: Bayern - Chelsea. I think Chelsea won.

Guys singing and playing - Colonne di San Lorenzo - Milano

After semi-clubbing in via Padova, we went to Cox18 and when it closed we arrived in Colonne. There we met this guys and a bunch of crazy and sometimes uncomfortable people. We sang (I personally did not since I am sadly ignorant about Italian music) and somewhat danced.

Nice people - Colonne di San Lorenzo - Milano

The guy was tenderly sleeping and the girl tenderly supervised him. The thing is that he was sleeping while listening to some supertrash music coming from some supertrash radio station.

Lion - corso Genova - Milano

We finally had breakfast in corso Genova, where we met Lion. He's from Germany but lived in England half of his life. He now studies Finance in Milano and he spent his saturday night heavily clubbing at Just Cavalli, Plastic and Hollywood. 

met on 13 may

Luca - OstelloBello - Milano

Luca is a photographer and he grew up next to my flatmate Alice. He now works and live in Brescia with Giuliano Radici. Andrea Gilberti, met on 23 august, also works with Giuliano Radici.
I love small and simple stories.

shapeless clocks

met on 12 may

Flavia, Francesca, Federica, Marco, Teresa - Bazaarwear - Brescia

Lovely time (and lovely shopping) at Bazaar.
Beers, wine and unexpected, amazing aerobatics.
Love you all, especially Flavia, super-talented buyer for the store.

Giulia - Frisco party at LattePiù - Brescia

Stupid people fighting and punching up.
Among them the beautiful little Giulia, who uncaps beers using her perfect white teeth.

i fink you freeky

met on 11 may

Saleri brothers - on the train to Brescia - Milano Centrale

35°C. Luckily I met them because I was already thinking about throwing myself under the train rather than catching it.
I had nothing to read, so I observed them.
Jacopo, the designer, spent all his time using his Mac.
Ceci, the career woman, spent her time at the phone talking about her job.

we have everything

met on 10 may

Giacomo - via Lesmi - Milano

My supersexy and cool neighbour Giacomo! I love having nice and friendly neighbours. He is one of them. 

Paola and Jim - via Massimiano - Milano

Meeting people is easy.
Paola lived with Marco, a friend of my brother. Jim lived in Brescia. I come from Brescia. I know Paola. Jim and Paola discovered that they have a lot of common friends. 
I like it.

when i see you again

met on 9 may

Cami - pic found on her facebook - Milano

Camilla works for the ASK (Art, Science and Knowledge) centre at Università Bocconi and she is also really active in the present dialogue regarding culture and arts.
Last saturday a huge tower near Milan Central Station was squatted with the aim to create a space dedicated to culture and arts. [You can find all info here:].
I met her there, at MACAO. 
Let's wait and see what'll happen.

ex Torre Galfa, angolo via Galvani - via Fura, Milano

met on 5-6 may

Almost perfect weekend - Cassano d'Adda

Rain, hail, wind and cold. Last minute call by Betti: an invitation to Cassano d'Adda, where she moved with Stella. Ask Dino. Yes. Perfect. Actually, almost perfect. We did not play enough.

i want to play forever

met on 30 april

Facco (Paolo) - at Elda - Brescia

The dentist! Yes, unbelievable, but it is true. He works shifts at the hospital and if something suddenly happens to your teeth, you really risk to meet him! 
Right yesterday I was thinking about him because I need to go to the dentist, and at night we met. I will wait till October, when he will start working in his (dad's) office. 

we share our mother's health