met on 27 march

These are Joergen and Matt, at Bond, Milano

People from Norway are always amazing! They all study at Bocconi and, mostly during the weekend, you can find at least one of them in every club or pub.
That's a great thing because like every person in northeuropean countries they speak perfect english and drink as everybody should do at least during weekends.

This is Vincenzo, at Plastic, Milano

It has been great meeting him after almost 10 months. As always, skinnier than ever as he dances on the cube.

This is Luchino, taxi to go back home, Milano

"Heyyy! Are you going to XXIV Maggio square? Share the taxi with us!"
In the taxi he said me I'm ill-mannered because I ask too many questions.
In the taxi he said Flavia she's well-mannered because she doesn't ask questions.
What a boring person!

met on 22 march

This is Marta, at Clo and Marchino's, Milano

Marta, from Conegliano Veneto (yes, where Del Piero was born), one of the first people I knew at university. Yesterday we finally spent the night chatting together about everything.

Red wine lover
Red wine connoisseur
Red wine mate
Purple lips and blue teeth only for the chosen few.

These are Ninni, Eugenio, Michi, at Clo and Marchino's, Milano


Ninì - The one whose facial features change hour by hour.
Eugenio - The one who really looks alike Sergio, the one who told to all the girls "You're the woman to marry"
Michelangelo - Whose grandmother for Christmas gave him an envelope containing 5 euros.


Sicilia at Sergio's

met on 18 march

This is Stefano, Navigli, Milano

"Hey, do you have a lighter?" "Tutina! How are you?" "You became a woman! I remembered you as a young girl!"
We met something like two years ago here in Milan, then I never met him again, before yesterday.

having sex using condoms is the ONLY way to fight AIDS
please imagine Pope Ratzinger explaining african people the "humanization of sexuality, that is, a spiritual human renewal that brings with it a new way of behaving with one another"

met on 15 march

This is Filippo, at our grandmother's, Gerolanuova

Little king of the bongo, two years old on the 17th march.
Stupendously cute, isn't he?
Please, click on the picture to see it bigger and to be astonished by his huge eyes.

met on 14 march

These are Fede and Marco, at Re Desiderio, Brescia

"So you sometimes browse my metyesterday!"
"Yes, and I'm still waiting to see myself in it!"
"Haven't you already been there?" "No!" "Really? Let's take a picture, now!"

after so long time.. I saw the Capitolium by night

met on 13 march

These are Enrico and Nicola, Castelmella

Just came back home, my brother asked me to go for a drive. I went and we arrived here: sunset, fields, two friends playing drums.


Gogol Bordello - Sally

met on 9 march

Lina, at Trattoria da Lina, Milano

From over 60 years in Milan.
Everybody should have a dinner here at least once in life. Then it's maybe better if this place doesn't become too much known.
You enter here and the first thinking is: "Am I still in the centre of Milan?" Yes, you are. Behind corso Genova (via Alessi 1) there is an informal and great place where you can eat same things your grandmother used to cook when you were younger. And because of grandmothers' ability to make everything extremely tasty, here you can eat the best pasta with beans of your life.

met on 6 march

This is Moreno, at Giorgia's, Milano

What to say.. we danced and drank together all night long!
Exclusive party boy!

This is Paul, at Giorgia's, Milano

Paul is Austrian, so I started speaking german with him. Seen that I don't remember german so well to broach, we continued speaking english. The matter is that he speaks italian as a motherlanguage, so it was non sense speaking a foreign language.

This is Silvia, near via Ripamonti, Milano

I received an sms with an address for a party at midnight. At two we arrived there, there were more or less ten people and nobody we knew. We entered there, drank and danced the whole night. Silvia is a photographer, if I remember well. We had fun together.

met on 5 march

This is Nick, Diesel Store, Milano

Nick, from New Jersey, studied with Sergio in Boston. He speaks perfect italian, but sometimes he should speak english:
we were taking a picture with some friends, when a guy arrived and put himself in the middle; Nick tought he was american too, so shouted in italian "AND WHO THE FUCK IS THIS GUY?". The guy obviously was not too happy about that.

This is ?, tram 14, Milano

This girl offered Easter egg to everybody on the tram..
little things able to make everybody smile.


"chi getta semi al vento farà fiorire il cielo" -
it was at the Darsena, in the nearest of where i live, now it has been erased
Ivan Milan street poet
till 15 March at Spazio Oberdan

met on 1st march

This is Ale aka Zilli, Daolasa ski slopes, Val di Sole

He taught us that it's better not going snowboard if the night before:
- you ate lots of mussels
- you drank a lot
- you went bed at 4 (and have to leave at 6.30)



met on 28 february

These are Andrea and Luca, at home, Azzano Mella

I really needed a quiet afternoon, but my mother opened the door to my neighbour's nephews. I spent the afternoon in the garden playing with water guns.