met on 22 january

Rob and Ali, PanePasta, Milano

Rob is the perfect guest you can have: he speaks in a low voice, he congratulates you for your amazing house, he wakes up and kisses your head to thank you!
Ali is the perfect flatmate: she wakes up and has her breakfast in a wine glass.
And.. we had breakfast with KRS One.

my favourite bookshop on friday night is here
Cox 18, Via Conchetta 18, Milano

sound of da police

met on 21 january

Marco, Università Bocconi, Milano

What a beautiful guy there! In cap and gown you look like a child not like a doctor...
You always worked hard and with success but now it was time for you to graduate!! CONGRATULATIONS!

i loved
dancing hardcore music with them before going to Marc's graduation party

i wanna be a gabber baby

met on 20 january

Marco, at Dino's mini-flat, Milano

Marco started studying Audio Engineering at SAE Institute with my brother. Since they moved to Milano they are always together. Marco is elder than my brother and he is the "wise friend" (he even practices yoga)!

it would have been great meeting
Giorgio Gaber

io se fossi dio

met from 13 to 17 january

Dino, somewhere near Beaubourg, Paris

Originally Dino had to be my travel-mate. But there we met so many people...

Irene, Tube and Isotta, Place de la République, Paris

I studied with Irene last year in Milano, then she moved to Copenhagen but now she is in Paris, where she's doing an internship at Lagardere for the magazine ELLE.
Tube is a university-friend too, but he's now taking his double degree at HEC in Jouy en Josas, near Paris.
Isotta, his girlfriend, lives now in Sarajevo, but was on holiday in Paris.

Do you think this is a mess? Not yet...

Paul, at La Caravane, Paris

Pol, Pol, Pol! He was the only one we actually planned to meet in Paris. Mon Pol! We met in Milano, while he was there for an Erasmus from Paris, but now he lives in London.
I wait you soon now that you work a lot and you're rich!

Charles, Sophie, Rémi, au Chat Noir, Paris

Charles and Sophie hosted me and Dino for the first two nights in Paris. That was their first couchsurfing experience, but they've been actually amazing with us. Sophie is only 24 but she already teaches French, Latin and ancient Greek, while Charles works in fishing at the Ministry of Agriculture.
Rémi is a friend of Paul and he is Parisian. That's the only thing I know about him.

Ahmed, au Chat Noir, Paris

Ahmed is Paul's room-mate in London and we loved him. Ahmed you're a great guy and the way you laugh makes me laugh a lot. Hope to meet you soon, in Toronto, in Milan, in Paris or anywhere!

Camille, at her place, Paris

Camille is the beautiful Paul's cousin. She hosted us for two nights, but she's been incredible in any situation: cooking pasta, helping us at the police station, booking our taxi in the early morning, but she gave her best in drinking red wine and talking about art and politics. Camille the angel!

Stella and Betty, sur la Seine, Paris

They came to Paris for the Godspeed You Black Emperor (yes, very short name) concert. Another great coincidence. Thanks to Paul we spent an unthinkable night in Paris, dancing in a stranger's house till 6 am, than going to Montmartre waiting for the sunrise. It didn't arrive. Paul forgot that it was January and we had to wait till 8.30 for the parisian sun.

le tourbillon de la vie

met on 9 january

Franci, PanePasta, Milano

Franci left PanePasta.
Goodbye and good luck my sweet lovely Franci, we wait you soon!
Franci is an amazing make-up artist, so if somebody is looking for one.. tell me and I'll give you her contacts!

i loved her make-up
Selita Ebanks as Phoenix in Runaway by Kanye West


met on new year's eve

Arianna, Ria (hope it's written like that), Isotta, at Marchino's place, Milano

The New Year's Eve girls!
Arianna, back from Bergen where she spend the last 4 cold months. She arrived in Milan with the idea of coming back home in the night, but she obviously quickly changed her mind. Norway made her even more beautiful.
Ria, arrived directly from California. She's the smile girl: she knew nobody but immediately felt at ease with us. Hope to meet you again!
Isotta, the no-Facebook Romagnole girl. She now lives in Sarajevo where she's learning slavonic. I was really curious about Sarajevo, actually I knew everything about it, but after what she told me I would really love spending some time there. Did you know there's no McDonald's in Sarajevo? I've found this quite amazing. Not negative, of course, but strange.



give up the funk

met on 30 december

Stefano, in his new bedroom, East Village

Ste!! From Milano to Copenhagen to New York. Yes.
He spent the last 4 months in the Danish capital and now moved to New York City, where he started an internship at Rai International.
I'm sick with envy.
Good luck!

he now lives
just behind the famous When Harry met Sally restaurant