met on 24 august

This is Giulia, Festa di Radio Onda d'Urto, Brescia

Marlene Kuntz in concert. I was in peace with myself and with everybody / everything else around me. Giulia is a very calm, nice and interested in music person. I like her and being there together with Marlene Kuntz playing an amazing concert has been great.


Margherita, bewitching character of Michail Bulgakov's book Il Maestro e Margherita

Bellezza - Marlene Kuntz

met on 20 august

These are the Skarafaggi, Festa di Radio Onda d'Urto, Brescia

I love you! Unfortunately Ale (keyboard) is missing in this picture because the stage was too big!
Skarafaggi are six, four of them are very friend of mine. I was so proud yesterday night watching them palying on this big stage opening the Real Mc Kenzies concert. They played two new (great) songs and finally a DEVO cover, Mongoloid. Paul McKenzie (singer of the Real McKenzies) played a strange wooden ethnic sax during all Skarafaggi's songs and finally sang Mongoloid.

This is Robi, Festa di Radio Onda d'Urto, Brescia

Real Mc Kenzies on the stage, we fell in love with the bagpipes player.
Drinking brandy and mint to win sore throat, we planned to spend more time together next year in Milan.

These are Paul McKenzie and Gufo, Festa di Radio Onda d'Urto, Brescia

In the backstage after the Real McKenzies gig everything can happen: two singers play a mouth-organ and a wooden little sax. Everybody drink, the bigpipes player shows his penis piercing to a girl, I say to the drummer he looks like Asterix and he says me I'm beautiful, one of the Real McKenzies throws up.


Mongoloid - Devo

met on 19 august

These are Giulia and Stefano, Festa di Radio Onda d'Urto, Brescia

"Hi girls, I introduce myself: I am Stefano"
Our conversation started like this and continued in a totally nonsense way
After big efforts and digressions we understood that:
Brescia is the most beautiful city IN THE WORLD, but he can't move here because it's too far from Bologna
Festa di Radio Onda d'Urto is the best event IN THE WORLD
finally, and always in his opinion, Rancid and the Sex Pistols played here some years ago.

One huge kiss to Giulia, that is moving to Holland tomorrow.


Ansicht von Delft (View on Delft) by Johannes Vermeer 1660-61

Delft is the place where Giulia is going to live.
There is a renowned Design Institute where she's going to study.

Talk To Me - Peaches

met on 17 august

These are Igor and Gianni, Festa di Radio Onda d'Urto, Brescia

I've always known Igor had a weakness for me, since when I was 14 and I arrived at secondary school.
Maybe I could imagine him asking my friend "are you her boyfriend?".
I would have never imagined Gianni answering him:
"no, i'm not! but i remember you! you attended Leonardo (our school), right?"
"yes, i did"
"cool, i think i smoked my first cilum with you!"


out of the gym, Liceo Leonardo

Cannabis - Ska P

met on 16 august

This is Anna, Festa di Radio Onda d'Urto, Brescia

After quiet long time we didn't see each other:
"Anna! So you study .. physics?"
"No, not at all! You said physics only because when you had to enter Bocconi I helped you with that question.."
It's incredible how we convince ourselves of totally nonreal things: I really thought she was studying physics, while she lives in London and studies graphic design!

This is Nicola, Festa di Radio Onda d'Urto, Brescia

We attended the same secondary school. I don't remember any mutual friends we could have, so I don't know why I knew him. I adored him because he was always cheery and funny, but he hated my best friend (still don't know why) so I had to meet him alone.
Yesterday he was really hungry but every stall was already closed, luckily I was with Betty that always has something to eat in her bag: in this case was a olives bread.

These are Luciano and Alessandro, way home

Yesterday I decided to sleep at Betty's, but we didn't have a car.
She met these friends of her, they brought us home listening to Gun Club.
Thank youuu.


I love Radio Onda d'Urto because of the great gigs it organises every year.
They are the Anti-Flag

Death of a Nation - Anti Flag


These are Gianni, me and Manuel

Metyesterday celebrates his first year.
It was the 14 august 2008 when I had this idea.
It looked very silly and trifling, but I told it to Gianni and Manuel and they liked it.
I did it and I had fun.
I really had fun mostly saying people "i'm taking you this picture because i have a blog where i post pictures of people that give a meaning to my days.

thanks to

met on 13 august

Junior Kelly, Festa di Radio Onda d'Urto, Brescia

I wanna fly to Jamaica, marry Junior Kelly and make love every morning, afternoon, evening and night.
XVIII edition of Radio Onda d'Urto self-financing festival started yesterday with Junior Kelly. Ok, I never listen to reggae at home (or better, I always listen to reggae at home, but against my will, because of my brother and his powerful speakers) but Junior Kelly on the stage really brings peace and fun to everybody.
Very difficult not to dance it.

met on 8 august

The Bishops, parco Castelli, Brescia

The bare-breasted guy danced during all the concert time on the stage. He jumped, marched, danced as he was listening to techno music. He used to hug the bassist and to steal the show to the guitarist. What did the Bishops do? They laughed. They laughed a lot and had to keep their eyes down not to laugh too much.

Here is a video

City Lights - The Bishops

met on 1st august

These are.. the FabFour, casa Rocca, Bedizzole

Back Home! I really needed long relaxing holidays, but I missed you so much!
I do really love my city, my friends .. my places!
Now it is time to start writing my graduation thesis, but it is above all time to hang out with you.


The Dead Weather
Jack Lawrence (The Greenhornes)
Dean Fertita (Queens of the Stone Age)
Alison Mosshart (The Kills)
Jack White (The White Stripes)

Bone House - The Dead Weather

met on 31 july

This is Caterina, port, Civitanova Marche (pic by Clo)

Caterina is Clo's sister. She's 26 and lives in Paris.
"Caterina arrives on friday night!" She entered home, said hello to her parents and then came in her sister's room.
"I arrived in Italy three days ago and I drove for more than 1000 km during three days. I visited amazing places in the southern Italy."
Caterina is the full of energy sister everybody would like to have.


Sebastien Tellier

Roche - Sebastien Tellier

met on 29 july

This is Federica, seaside, Civitanova Marche (pic by Clo)

Federica studies and lives in Rimini with three girls.
Do you know the meaning of the word Amarcord? I didn't. In Rimini it is a dialect expression for Mi Ricordo - I Remember.
The four housemates decided to use Amarcord as a tattoo, identical in shape for all of them but in a different position for each of them.


Amarcord by Federico Fellini

One Line - PJ Harvey

met on 27 july

This is Clo, seaside, Civitanova Marche

Going back from Puglia I stopped at hers, in Civitanova Marche.
Lots of beautiful pictures, zen meditation and assumptions on the lifeguard's sentimental life.
We talked so much (and loudly) about very very foolish things, that I think our beach umbrella neighbour is still asking herself how we are heading for a degree at Bocconi University.
Waiting to leave to the Gobi Desert with the man of my (dream)life, I wish you a dreamful summer.

one of the most keyed up dogs I've ever known. lovely.

Technicolor Dreams - A Toys Orchestra

met on 21 july

This is Nico, at the airport, Brindisi

My brother left in the afternoon, to join his friends and go holiday in Liguria.
"Thank you for leaving me all alone with mum and dad."
"You always leave me alone with them, when you go to Milan. You are lucky you're on holiday, not at home."


ItaliaWave Festival, Livorno

The Robots - Kraftwerk

met on 16 july

my parents, port, Gallipoli

During my last days in Milan, closing my eyes I used to imagine:
talking shit with my brother.
fresh food.
the taste of a rolled cigarette after bathing.

I'm relaxing like this, on holiday with my family.


Sasha Pivovarova, photgraphed on Vogue Russia by Hedi Slimane

Passenger - Siouxie and The Banshees (Iggy Pop)

met on 13 july

Commercial and Industrial Law, Università Bocconi, Milano

Last exam of my Undergraduate Career.
I had an amazing 30/30!
I deserve some relax on the sea, then in August I'm gonna write my final work.
I'm graduating in September.

It sounds really weird, I know. I'm already graduating.
But I'm proud of myself, because this third year has been great for what concern my universitary life. I've been able to hang out very often and giving exams the day after.

Fiday I'm In Love - The Cure