met on 25 january

This is Elisabetta, Taj Krishna, Hyderabad

Glad to introduce you my room-mate during this amazing indian holiday. First impression more than excellent, think we are having great time together!

view form the Charminar, Hyderabad, India

welcome back bocconi exchange!

This is Alberto, back from Atlanta, Milano

Battistoooon! Last year he lived in the Bocconi dormitory, how many great parties there before going dancing!
Always clever, wise and very tidy.. our Battistoni is here again!
Now looking for a new apartment with Sergio, I'm waiting for invading it as soon as possible!

This is Sergio, back from Boston, Milano

Speaking with Sergio via Skype while he was studying;
speaking with Sergio via Skype without audio, miming him absurd stories with pencils and pens;
speaking with Sergio via Skype at Marc's party, with two drinks in my hands.

This is Stefano, back from Ohio, Milano

The guy who brought Betty home after her memorable collapse at Bocconi's cineforum.
The guy who brought Ale home after his memorable collapse at my birthday party.
The guy with whom Ale and I made our first nonsense film.
Missed you, Nutsman!

This is Ale, back from Paris, Milano

Last but not least.. Alino!! I have to admit that I really missed him, but also have to say that I am really angry with him. He came back on 20th December. I met him twice before leaving to India. He completely lost his heart (and his HEAD) for.. love! What a dull boy!
(one little kiss to Cioppi)

met on 21 january

This is Giulia, at our home, Milano

She has been the witness of my nonstop study week, I have been the witness of her nonstop study week.
Yesterday she was particularly happy because of her great skill in rolling cigarettes.

met on 20 january

This is Sara, university library, Milano

Out of the library, smoking a cigarette, we have been assaulted by a first year boy who wanted to know EVERYTHING about our Arts and Culture course characteristics.
Into the library, trying to study, we have been assaulted by a boy (Diego) watching Nip&Tuck: he brought us in on everything was happening in the current episode.

Janis Joplin - Try

met on 13 january

This is ?, Lio Bar, Brescia

(Paolo's friend, see 3rd january)
During ten minutes I talk with this guy, he asked me to:
-slap him
-marry him and go on honeymoon in Vobarno
Finally, he offered me a cigarette.

met on 11 january

This is Angelo, at Angelo and Rocco's, Milano

I wanted to repeat the whole program the night before the exam. Angelo kindly tried to explain me that it was not possible, because we started doing it at 11pm. At 1am I realized I should better sleep and relax my mind rather than repeating things I would have never remembered.

Arundhati Roy, photographed in Rome (2003) by cultphoto

met on 8 january

These are Christian, Facco and Asso, home sweet home, Milano

On the occasion of my roommate homecoming, I decided to cook something good: green apples risotto.
Proud of this great receipt, I was waiting for her when the phone rang: "Hi, it's Facco, we're coming to you!" "We?" "We are five, now we're having a fast dinner, we'll be there in not too much time".
They finally arrive at past midnight and nobody tasted my cookedwithsomuchlove risotto.


in 30 centimetres of snow in a beautiful empty Milan

met on 3rd january

These are ? and Paolo, Latte PiĆ¹, Brescia

Oh Gosh Paolo! What a freak! Met for the first time something like two years ago: he wanted me and my ex-boyfriend to come back together, but most of all, he wanted my ex-boyfriend to go out for a dinner with him.
That night we said us goodbye "we have to keep in touch!"
Yesterday night he came in front of me:
"Did we meet at Nave di Harlock two years ago? You were with your ex-boyfriend"
"Oh, yes I am!!"
"Amazing! I still have Robyn's phone number! Let's call him!"
note: Robyn?! Ahahahah


Moni Ovadia with his Oylem Goylem at Piccolo Teatro till 6 January

hello, 2009

pic found on Flickr

met on 29 december

These are Eros, Ale and Cecco, at Flavia's, Azzano Mella, Brescia

"Increase the diffuculty! Increase the difficulty!" These three guys spent the whole night concentrating only on Guitar Hero. And the girls could not even play because of they had to "finish their challenge. It sounded really weird to us, it sounded like we went back at when we were 12.


Ozzy Osbourne
Why does Guitar Hero put him on the stage singing Blondie, SOAD and The Smashing Pumpkins' songs?'s a unique experience.

met on 26 december

This Sandro, home sweet home, Brescia

Sandro drove me crazy for the whole afternoon with his "booo buuuu baaaaa", but most of all he worried me running with great enthusiasm toward the fireplace.
Luckily his seven years old brother, a very coscientious child, kept him occupied playing with an iPhone.


Margot Tenenbaum (Gwyneth Paltrow) in The Royal Tenenbaums by Wes Anderson