met on 23 september

Radiohead concert in Florence, opened by Caribou.

as always, couchsurfing revealed itself being an astonishing resource. 
Our host, Cosimo, was really easy going and friendly. His house was maybe a bit too much green, but it was a huge new flat.

met on 22 september

x, albi, emily - Foresteria - Milano

Foresteria is the name of the flat in Isola where 7 friends of my flatmate Alice are living. 
Emily (that does not live there, they are seven boys) comes from Canada and is babysitting a six years old girl with strong sexual impulses. 

met on 15 september

Alis, Ventu, Paola - Leoncavallo, taxi - Milano

I love Alis. She is a strong, determined, energetic person. We went at Paola's amazing place for a party 
interrupted by easily irritable neighbours and then we went all together to leoncavallo. 
There at the the end of the night I met Ventu, that usually complains about music, but yesterday he was super happy. Unfortunately I lost him and also part of my mind because I think that I am too skinny or too old.

met on 14 september

Gianni, Flavia - new Bazaar Wear - Brescia

Bazaar Wear moved to corso Martiri, 27. Just 2 numbers after the old one. 
Amazing location, shop, people and party!

Cecilia, Giulia - Bazaar wear 

They worked with Flavia to organize the opening party and they've been great.
I met Giulia in Berlin for the first time 3 (4?) years ago, then she just moved to The Netherlands, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Lebanon and maybe somewhere else. Next stop, London. 
See you in a couple of years!

Another traveller, Francesca. 

Back from Ethiopia, where she spent a great and intense experience and where she really decided that she wants to become an architect.

Last traveller, Mireille.

She spent her summer in Eastern Europe and is now planning to go somewhere else. 
She searching a place for her cute dog and I am convincing my mum to take her as a sister to our Achille.

met on 12 september

Irene - cape town - milano

Irene left PanePasta in July and we miss her a lot. She is always happy and always gives me great advices. 


Elena is always ready to party. I can't really imagine her sleeping. Does she ever sleep?

met on 8-9 september

Jim - Garden K - Milano

Jim is super super!
He works in a great shop in via Vigevano - Garden K - and you should go visiting him there.
He is from Brescia too, but we actually met for an ice cream together last week and then we had

a perfect pavement dinner out of Pane Pasta 
from 9.30 pm to 6.30 am, with beautiful people and loads of things to say. 
Nobody in our neighbourhood complained, because we were around 12-15 people, but always veryveryveryvery polite and quiet!
I unfortunately have no pictures.

we finally said goodbye to our weekend on sunday night
Ellie, Kavy, Alice, Dino - Darsena

met on 7 september

Stefania - Pane Pasta

Stefania is living at my place just for two weeks. She used to live at my neighbours' place during the summer and I met her there. I like that she is living in my room, she is a worthy substitute. 
She is a video producer and she is looking for jobs. 

Carlotta - green line

I met her on friday night after almost 2 years and she's always ready for everything. 
I was running with other friends to catch the last train to Lambrate, I asked her to join us later and she gave the perfect answer "can't I just join you now?". So we went dancing together, but we (almost) didn't dance at all. She is from Sarzana and we are going to cook great ligurian food together.

met on 6 september

Alberto - Milano

Next week he is moving to Istanbul, where he is going to work in a contemporary art gallery. He just came back from Dallas, where he spent some hard but useful months. He is strong, energetic and ready and he is going to become a super art business man.

met on 4 september

Help her choosing her cv picture! Alice - Angelo's place - Milano

Seriously. She's looking for a part-time job in Milano. Help her also finding a job! She's super beautiful and if you find her a job I can help you meeting her, since she's gonna be my flatmate only if she finds the job.

Gin is still alive and super healthy, in spite of things Angelo leaves on his bed!

last but not least
Giacomo at Pam supermarket in via Olona

Who's the sexiest one at Pam? Here he is! Giacomo, the always smiling neighbour.

met on 2nd september

Sunday morning with Katja, Ellie and Kavy 

Kavy lives in front of me. I woke up  9.30 saw them sitting on their window. 
They were all so beautiful, I could not resist them. 
I had my traditional breakfast and they had their special one, after all it was a sunny sunday morning and sleeping made no sense at all.

Dario and Cice

after leaving Kavy's place I've decided to look for a pair of shoes and I went to corso Ticinese without thinking that shops are usually closed on sunday morning. But... I met them, it was a surprise and it was good.
last time I met dario was at least two years ago, but I remember him as an adolescent playing in a punk band with my high-school boyfriend. 

met on 31 august

meeting people is easy - at Panepasta

Ciro, Flavio, Jacopo, Ceci.

Jacopo deserved one more picture since his eyes were kind of non-reactive in the first one I put.
I did not know Ciro, but Ceci and I met him at the supermarket with Flavio, that used to live at PanePasta some years ago. We invited them for dinner and they cooked an awesome vegetarian carbonara and life was super easy and almost perfect.

met on 30 august

Ostellobello - Milano

Some university friends that is worth meeting and that probably will be long-term friends.