met on 28 june

Benedetta, Accademia di Arti Marziali, Milano

My fabulous Pilates teacher. I loved her!
I knew almost nothing about Pilates, but I knew it was expensive. That's why I never got interested in it. One day I saw a promotion and I decided to try it. Now I'd really spend a certain amount of money to learn it, because I've discovered a great sport, also thanks to my great teacher.
Yes, promotions work. 

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Veronica Salvini photography on PhotoVogue

gone to sea

met on 27 june

Marta and Filippo, Padiglione Italia - Regione Lombardia, Milano

Filippo has been invited to exhibit his works at the Padiglione Lombardia of the 54th Art Biennale. 
It was long time I didn't see him and his girlfriend Marta, and it has been a pleasure, even if we didn't manage to meet later.
My best congratulations to you!
Here is his website

it has been great meeting
these guys own the best kebab shop in town (at the beginning of the Naviglio pavese).
yes, i know, i don't eat meat and i've never tasted their kebab, but i like their french fries! they are actually warmed up in a microwave, but i can assure you that they're the best and they're cheap and you'll never leave the shop without having received a huge smile. moreover, they're almost always open, of course. 


met on 22 june

Gian, piazza Vetra, Milano

Gian spent his last year in Oxford and now he's (probably) ready to come back to Milano.
This charming Italian boy conquered English blonde girls in this way: 
- starting talking about his hometown, Udine, next to Venice - oh wow, Venice!
- telling them he lived in Milano - omg Milano! fashion and design!
- offering them two drinks
- only for the toughests: cook a carbonara

it would have been great being in
Glastonbury Festival Begins (2 of 5)
Source: REUTERS / Cathal McNaughton

pray for rain

met on 20 june

Marina and Luigi, at their place, Milano

Marina is the owner of Pane&Pasta, the flat I live in. She invited me and my flatmates for a great dinner cooked by her, taking in account that I don't eat meat, Ceci doesn't eat fish and Alice doesn't eat cheese. The fourth flatmate didn't come.
Marina definitely has a distinguishing furnishing style and I love it. 
You can see houses furnished by her here:

Francesca, Mattia, Matteo, Fabio, at La Vineria, Milano

After dinner at Marina's, we went for fresh white wine at La Vineria. There we met these people, who had a picnic before, and they offered us pop-corns and Pringles and peanuts. If I remember well, they all paint or draw or similar stuff, apart from Francesca, who works for Diesel.
Hope to meet you again at La Vineria on monday night!

it would have been great meeting
Frate Indovino, whose calendar always teaches me something new.

last stop: this town

met on 18 june

Dino and Giorgio, in some Calle, Venice

Oh, I love Venice! I know sea in Venice is awful, but its perfume... I love it. 
We actually went there for the Art Biennale, but we visited only one part of it, the Giardini. I have here ready my ticket for the Arsenale.
I loved sitting on the bank of a canal, in the middle of the Biennale, just chilling out.

it would have been great meeting
Sigalit Landau, Israel

postcards from italy

met on 16 june

No pictures, unfortunately. 

Linda, Alessandro, Luca at Bazaarwear, Bergamo

Linda is a very nice girl who shares with me a passion (or, let's say "a great experience") for Milano, but now she lives and works in Brescia.
Alessandro, her boyfriend, is from Bergamo and organizes events (electronic music, mainly).
Luca has been the dj for Bazaawear's event and told us about private clubs of middle-aged party people in Brescia.

i loved both

Farewell Pony necklaces
and illustrations by Laura Armato
[pics by Gianluca]

palace of bone

met on 15 june

Isotta, at PanePasta, Milano

Isotta is back from Sarajevo, she's really fed up with her hometown (Imola) and she's moving to Milano!!   
Loads of lunches and dinners at PanePasta are waiting for you!

Kathi, at La Vineria, Milano

Kathi, from Koeln, is one of the most energetic person I've ever met. 
Next week it'll be her last one in Milano, but I really hope she's coming back in September!
Yesterday she couldn't stop singing:

happy birthday to
[Thanks to Dino for having conceived such an awesome packaging for his present]

new beat 

met on 14 june

Francesco, at Università Bocconi, Milano

Something like 40 minutes before our CSR exam, we reviewed some concepts together and it has been incredibly useful, since the four questions we had to answer to regarded just those concepts.
Hope we did a good job!

Roberto (?), at Pane&Pasta, Milano

While going to the supermarket, I saw this guy standing in front of my house main entrance. I thought "he's probably friend of Alice (my flatmate)", but without focusing my mind on it. I simply thought it for 1 second. Then, I went back home and I found him in my kitchen. Actually, they're not even friends, they simply know each other. I was very tired, so I literally assailed him talking about bullshit.

i'm in love with

Nonna Ananda, vegetarian, 91 years old. Here is only a trailer (0.53 minutes, you can watch it).


till mid june,

i'll be focused on books.

it would have been great meeting
William S. Borroughs and Kurt Cobain

hanging in the wire

met on 8 june

Davide, Pier, Luca, at Mono, Milano

Davide, also known as La Pazza (the crazy girl) lived with my friend Angelo two years ago. We spent a lot of time together - foolishness was the way - and I've been so happy to casually meet him yesterday night!
I didn't know Pier and Luca, but it took really few time to get involved in their talks (mainly about guys around us). Hope to see you tonight!

loved it
Tree of Life by Terrence Malick

the world at large

met on 4 june

Andrea, at Vinile45, Brescia

He is friend of my ex-boyfriend.
He is friend of my flatmate's ex-boyfriend;
he is friend of my flatmate too.
He studied marketing at my same university.
This is why we know each other.
He now works in Brescia at To Do and yesterday he explained me lots of things about decorative paintings, colors, and so on.

brand new business partners
we're going to do great things together.
everything is top secret.
by now I can only tell you that we're going to deal with HEARTS.

this love is fucking right!

met on 30 may

All these people support Giuliano Pisapia (new mayor for Milano), even if not all of them are from Milano. These elections have been very important for Italy, people is really fed up with the current Government and yesterday we had a big proof of it.
Thanks to Marco and his amazing house, we organized a warm-up aperitivo before going to celebrate in Piazza Duomo.

piazza duomo