met on 23 october

Matteo, at PanePasta, Milano

Temporarily, he is our fifth flatmate! 
His driving license has been suspended for some months, but he works in Milano while living in Bergamo. He now needs a place to stay and he is looking for a room. 
Are you maybe looking for a nice flatmate? Here he is! 
For the time being, welcome at PanePasta!


met on 22 october

Nicolò, at Sabato del Villaggio, Milano
[pic 'stolen' from his facebook - yes, I never have my camera with me]

So much time we didn't see each other!
He spent some time abroad for work and now his first album is coming out, under the stage name NIKO.
I'll surely support him.
Good luck!

graduation girls
Giulia and Manu. My best congratulations to them!

black water

met on 21 october

[pic 'stolen' from her facebook]

I hosted the sweet Manon for two nights, but it was graduations weekend, reason why we spent together only friday night. 
Perfectly French and with an incredibly strong heart, I really liked having her around here.
See you again in November!

happy birthday to
my beautiful flatmate Alice!
Angelo prepared a super dinner in her honor and in the picture you can see the dessert: an amazing rasperry cake.

white nights

met on 20 october

Stella, Betti and Akira, at their place, Milano

[pic 'stolen' from their facebook]
After failing in collecting questionnaires out of Coop supermarket (for my graduation thesis) because it was too cold, I spent the evening with Dino, Stella and Betti. We wandered around 'Everything for One Euro' and brazilian food shops, we had dinner together and then played the best table game ever: Cranium.


met on 19 october

Antonio, at PanePasta, Milano

First cold days of autumn (finally):
I was studying home, in my warm white room when my flatmate Ceci arrived with Antonio that cooked a superlunch: risotto with radicchio and red wine. I couldn't ask for more.

acid food

met on 15 october


Isotta graduated in 'Interdisciplinary research and studies on eastern Europe' and, after spending a consistent part of her university years abroad, she decided to look for a job in Milano.
While unemployed, she kindly helped me administering surveys out of supermarkets for my graduation thesis. We could not imagine how hard it is to convince people that you are not selling them anything and that the survey is just your thesis empirical part!

this orient

met on 12 october

Volero and Andrijus, at PanePasta, Milano

At PanePasta, we've just decided to host people from Couchsurfing: the world comes at your place!
I already travelled with Couchsurfing as a guest, yesterday it was my first time as a host.
We accepted the request of these two kind guys coming from Vilnius. We had dinner together, drank their typical Lithuanian honey liqueur and then just went out for a walk. 
We decided to host people weekly, let's see!


met on 8-9 october

Dino, PanePasta, Milano

2 years,
and I even cooked him a bleeding veal fillet with mashrooms.

swimming pool + cold = wow
on Sunday I walked around Milano with Dino and Ivan and we arrived in a villa that we (actually, Dino) recognized as being the location of the movie Io sono l'amore (by Luca Guadagnino). 
I didn't like the movie at all, I'd say it was even trash, but the setting is doubtless fascinating.

pumping my heart

met on 7 october

Rob and Viola, at Marchino's place, Milano

The picture above is old, but it was the nicest one I had of my friend Rob.
He moved to a new flat near Porta Romana and he invited us for dinner (a great dinner). 
The only weird thing was... his flatmate. He entered home at 11 and at 11.30 - it was friday night - he asked us to keep quiet - we were only chatting - because he wanted to go sleeping. The thing is that he does the same during the week, but at 10.30.

let's go to bed

met on 6 october

Betti, Nicco, Marchino and Lavinia, at RadioBocconi, Milano

I've been invited with Betti to talk about vegetarianism and veganism at Welcome to the fellas, on RadioBocconi. At first I was kind of worried and awkward, but this "first" lasted only two minutes and I had a lot of fun!


met on 5 october

Ali, Ceci, Irene, Franci, Silvia and me, at PanePasta, Milano

Six girls, all together, in a small room. Progesterone at maximum levels. 
Really, it was so weird being in so many girls in the same room. I live with three other girls, but we barely meet and the probability that we have dinner all together is very low. Yesterday, it happened: the four of us plus Franci (ex-flatmate, now working in Milano) and Silvia (Irene's friend).

it would have been great meeting
Celeste Boursier-Mougenot, the artist who brought little birds (finches) and guitars (Gibson Les Paul) at Hangar Bicocca. 
Go there and experience it, I should not say more than this. 
Till 4 December 2011 - Hangar Bicocca - Milano.


met on 3rd october

Andrea, Giacomo, Nike, Dino, Ceci, Ali at PanePasta, Milano

How to perfectly exploit these last days of summer without necessarily go out every night? 
Just chilling out on the pavement in front of your own place. We brought out three stools and a bottle of (spoiled) red wine, called our neighbours and spent some nice open-air time without too much effort.


met on 2nd october

Fede and Paolo, at Betti and Stella, Milano

On sunday evening, Dino and I decided to a surprise visit to our friend Betti and Stella (there we obviously found a superb basmati rice cooked by Betti, who is an amazing cook). After a while, the doorbell rang: a surprise visit by two other friends, Federico and Paolo. 
Betti wanted to study, but she clearly didn't. Federico told us that once he tried to register his own voice reading a book he had to study and listen to it while sleeping, but with scarse results.

we spent the first part of our evening... Cascina Cuccagna, one among the historical farms owned by Milano municipality.
Cascina Cuccagna has been recently renovated thanks to private citizens donations.


met on 27 september

Ekin, at Zog, Milano

Ekin, besides being extremely cute, has an extremely soft voice: wrapping tone, neither too fast nor too slow, neither too high nor too low.
I was really tired and I would have spent the whole night listening to her.

it would have been great meeting

blue monday