met on 31 july

Leti, at Marco's place, Milano

Usually people following special diets avoid meat, cheese, gluten, fish. 
Her special diet consists of avoiding all kinds of food coming from plants. She's disgusted, almost scared by vegetables and fruit (except potatoes). 
She's a pure carnivorous!
Finally, she can phone using her foot fingers.

i really loved
 July in Milano. It hasn't been hot at all, but sunny with some casual rains.


met on 29 july

Flerida and Polpis, at their place, Milano

Their last day here. They're going to Toronto and then to Santo Domingo and then to New York, but maybe they'll come back again!
Have a good great trip and thanks for these last two nights together.

it has been great wearing

this fantastic dress, made by Flerida


met on 28 july

Ivan and Marie, at Serendeepity party, Milano

Ivan - the sweetest guy on earth,
Marie - a very sweet girl, but I don't know her enough to say she's the sweetest one. 

it has been great posing for
Fototroia with an YvesSaintLaurent red lipstick. 
copyright: Flerida

ich bin der stricherjunge

remember ♥


met on 21st july

My fabulous neighbours, Martina and Natalia, at La Vineria, Milano

Giacomo, Andrea and Tube live 30 meters far from me. I'm really happy when I casually meet them, as happened yesterday.
Martina works with Giacono, for the magazine Grazia. She invited me to a party next week at Lina's and I'll definitely go there, because I love parties at that so special trattoria.
Natalia, from Imola, studies fashion design. I tend to call her Eliana instead of Natalia, don't know why!

happy birthday to
Dino, who received a beautiful red racing bicycle!

les triplettes de belleville

met on 20 july

Francesco, at PanePasta, Milano

Quiet, serious and always polite, Fra is a great photographer working for an important photo-agency in Milano. Last year, he exhibited a photographic work portraying my ex-flatmate, Tati.

i need


met on 16 july

Ste, at his place, Castelleone

Parents on holiday, time for a barbecue.
Thanks to Ste, I spent great time together with good friends. We always hang out in Milano, so it has been really relaxing meeting them in a garden! Later, we went to The Hidden Cameras concert and played table-football to infinity.
As always, my friends laughed at me because of the special meat (seitan) I barbecued. 

if you like honey,
[pic by Nico]
ask me for it! My uncle's bees produce fine honey: acacia, tarassaco and millefiori. 
He also sells little jars of toasted nuts (abosultely organic, coming from my grandparents farm) with honey: delicious.

do i belong?

met on 15 july

Francesca, at Pozzi, Lograto

I went with my brother and my dog for a walk in the countryside near my home and there we met Francesca. She was with a friend of her and she didn't think she would have met anyone, but we were there! 
I know her through my brother and she gave me the permission to post this picture: she definitely is our Anita Ekberg!
She has a dog, Indie, absolutely obsessed with sex. Yes, all dogs have this instinct, but his one is particularly developed: he wants to have sex with everything and, yesterday, it was the turn of my dog. 

achille running away from the rapist

unza unza time

met on 9 july

Marta, La Vineria, Milano

I didn't know her at all, but she heard me talking (blabbing) with two friends about not-so-serious-stuff and I can't imagine what kind of idea she has about me! I even confused her name: I called her Michela instead of Marta (and she introduced herself right 5 seconds before).

i love
swimming pools at night.

get real, get right
Get Real, Get Right from Asthmatic Kitty on Vimeo.

met on 8 july

Kiki, Trattoria da Lina, Milano

I had to cut her eyes in order to avoid a serious complaint about it, but she obviously has cute eyes and the picture was nice as well.
Kiki, from Greece, studied Biology in Texas and then moved to Italy, where she studied Economics for arts, culture, media and entertainment. Now she's working at Hangar Bicocca, one of my favorite places in Milano.

it has been great spending my afternoon with
my superfriend Betti or Beth Tea

broken by

met on 5 july

Irene, LeTits, Brescia

Monthly, the owners of this nice place make it available for whoever wants to sell old clothes. 
It's free and prices are really low, but there's few people. 
It needs to be advertised more! So, I'm advertising it: become friends of LeTreTits on facebook, they'll inform you about all events.
Here is Irene with her stuff (and her beautiful fabulous hair).

thanks to tube and isotta for this

ice cream

met on 3rd july

my flatmates, Marina and other people, at Marina's place, Piacenza countryside

The owner of the apartment-loft-bunker where I live in Milano with other flatmates, is the best owner ever. Two weeks ago she invited us for dinner in her Milanese flat, last weekend she invited us at her amazing place in the countryside.
I really spent great time with nice people and I can't wait to go there again!

the only inconvenient
I stepped on two bees.

you only live once

met on 1st july

[i'm still waiting for the picture]
my ex-classmates, Pizzeria La Briciola, Brescia

How many things can change in five years? Too many.
22 girls and 2 (poor but lucky) boys.
We had fun together, we quarreled, we studied and got high.
Meeting you after 5 years (not for everybody, but it was really 5 years for some people) has been really... weird. Totally, weird. Somebody didn't change at all, somebody else changed everything.

can't study
with such a blue sky

my terrible friend

met on 30 june

Stefano, at parco Attilio Rossi, Milano

While talking about Claudia Koll (Italian erotic actress) conversion to Catholicism, I met Stefano. 
I was with my boyfriend and a friend and Stefano told us many things about his youth in Milano. 
He used to steal (scavallare) Moncler down jackets to "paninari", usually rich youngsters wearing lots of griffes during the Eighties. 
Then he told us about the totally wrong direction taken by our contemporary world, and many other things.
I really liked his transparency and his clearness. New friend at the park under Dino's place!

it would have been great meeting
Christy Vannoy, writer of the column Touch Me on McSweeney's website.

fake empire