met on 5 november

Tom - at his place - amsterdam

Tom was our last night couchsurfer. He lives in what once used to be an office and he explained us the rules of anti-squats, but I probably did not understand the whole system. 

met on 4 november

Viola, Rob - Public Library - Amsterdam

Rob lives in Amsterdam since last September, where he is working for Heineken. Viola was there visiting him. We spent a lot of time inside the beautiful public library. Outside it was so heavily raining that they definitely needed our (mine and Alice's) brand new muji military raincoats. I forgot mine at his place (please send it to me!). 
I made him discover that there is a sort of door between his bedroom and the stairs. Really, he had never noticed it before.

Paolo, Alice, Melissa - just a bar - amsterdam

Paolo and Melissa were flying to Kenya, but stopped in amsterdam for the night. We just needed an empty bar and we found it. They were freezing cause the only had leather jackets with them, but we laughed a lot. 
Thanks to Alice for being such a good fellow traveller.

met on 3rd november

x and chiara - somewhere in amsterdam

everybody was there that weekend. while walking around i also met chiara and a friend. chiara and i shared some great, crazy and heavy times when we were 18.

met on 2nd november

 Yair, Amir - at Yair's place - Amsterdam

Yair accepted our couchsurfing request at 5.35 am, we already were at Linate airport and we were super happy, since we still had no place to stay. Reaching his house in the dark was kind of scary, but this effort was worth: it has been the best couchsurfing I've ever done. Both Yair and Amir come from Jerusalem and they are great people I hope to meet again in this life.

one of my life objectives is now that of going back to Yair's place to catalogue all the books accumulated in that incredible flat by him and all the people that lived there before.

met on 1st november

Cecilia's parents - Bioesserì - Milano

I woke up, they were here visiting my flatmate and they invited my out for lunch. Yes - what's more is that the restaurant was the organic one next to where we live. They were really nice and interesting. Thank you!

Edo - cape town - milano

I had to leave to Amsterdam the same night with Alice and after almost 50 couchsurfing requests we still had no place to sleep. I met Edo and suddenly remembered that he spent one year in Rotterdam, maybe he had acquaintances in Amsterdam! He was very kind and wrote an e-mail to a guy that he met during an ukulele festival (he plays ukulele), but the guy unfortunately could not host us because he had no heating in his flat.
Edo has a cinema blog: fast goose. worth reading.

met on 31 october

Aida, France - at their place - milano

what a couple! 
after living in paris he moved in with her. he finally found a job and she is simply preparing a list of all things that she suddenly needs. better he starts taking notes...

met on 29 october

Marta - via vigevano - milano

We casually met after quite a long time. We studied together, then she moved to Scotland and then back here. Good talk and healthy update about our lives.

met on 27 october

Angelo - panepasta - milano

He needed a "religious headgear" for the Hallowood party. Alice helped him, I watched them.
He was incredibly worried, but here's the final result:

met on 26 october

Mattia, Tommy - Gnappo's place, milano

Many people from my hometown that I had never met. Apart from: 
- Mattia and I where in high school together. Our classrooms were on the same floor and sometimes it happened that we had a break together. I met him after 6 years and we barely recognized. He used to wear a red cap and xxxxxl jeans.
- Tommy was my high-school boyfriend's best friend and I always thought he used to hate me. We obviously spent some time talking about him.

met on 25 october

Gloria, Roberto - hangar bicocca - milano

We queued together to "experience" the Tomas Saraceno installation On Space Time Foam, it was more or less 8 pm. In the end we discovered that we should have waited for at least another 2 hours to go upstairs and access the whole structure. We just entered and we saw it from below.
Gloria and Roberto work at Galleria Zero in Milano.