met on 25 september

Royal Emilia barman, Milano

The Chinese bar on the other side of the crossing between viale Umbria and corso 22 Marzo is a proper detachment of Plastic. 
If you go dance (or socialize) there, you will spend at least one third of your night here.

this space goes to...
my beloved crabby friend Angelo, who's tired of having so many women friends that lead him to cut his fingers into toilets doors.

a new error

met on 24 september

Marchino, at his place, Milano

Marchino is definitely back and we won't let him leave anymore.
He's living alone and we're going to make his house our own house - I can already imagine rainy nights spent chit chatting and playing table games (or else).
Please note his glasses, obviously coming from Shanghai: they are made of wood and incredibly light.
[Thanks to Dino for the nice portrait]

happy birthday to
Viola, now 24 years old!

cellphone's dead

met on 21 september

Elisabetta, piazza XXIV Maggio, Milano

Long coffee (actually iced tea) break with my little blondie Elisabetta. 
She really needed a help for a video she has to shoot for a (sort of) job application, I did not come up with any noteworthy idea, but I really hope she will last out.
She has been my flatmate in India and we loved each other, but we live in the same city and we never manage to meet. Shame on us!

here is...
...where Chinese people take their wedding pictures in Milano.

wedding dress

met on 20 september

Noey and Sso, at Zog, Milano

Don't know how I met these incredibly cute girls from South Korea out of Zog, I suppose we have some common friends.
I liked them so much and I think they liked me too, so we set a regular meeting every tuesday at Zog. See you next week!

pay as you want experiment at Jap One...
...ended yesterday, three days in advance, because of very low profits.
In terms of numbers it has been a success and my friend Arianna collected many surveys for her thesis.
Above is a picture of our last lunch there, with Verdiana, Roberta and Angelo filling in the final questionnaire.

east harlem

met on 19 september

a guy, Central Station, Milano

I hate meeting people that want to talk, at all costs. It was late monday evening, I was doing my business on the train from Brescia to Milano and he started asking me what I was doing, how and why. The thing is that he only waited for me to ask "and you?". I hate when people talk to you only waiting for their turn. When I asked him "and you?" I actually wanted to asked "and you, where are you going? (he told he had to go to the airport)", but I couldn't complete my sentence because he started "Yeah, I'm going to Norway because I have a girlfriend there, she lives in... she studies... I come from... I live in... I live with...  I study...". He ended up telling me "Hey, your face is already familiar to me, it's like I already know you, I told you so many things!" - that I did not want to know.

movie recommendation
Carnage by Roman Polanski

strange mercy

met on 16 september

Davide, Ari, Lavinia, corso Ticinese, Milano

Davide plays the drums with the Mojomatics, he lives in Venice, but often comes to Milano because of my friend Arianna. Actually, they dated for a good while, before I discovered she was going out with somebody. Please, keep me updated because I'm always the last one hearing of any gossip.
Lavinia is an incredibly young songwriter coming from Udine and here you can listen to her first album, Magadasca by Lavinia!.

arianna is writing a thesis about
the pay what you want pricing system. 
A Japanese restaurant in piazza XXIV Maggio (Jap One) agreed to collaborate with her for two weeks from monday to friday and she told me that many people are going there for lunch. It is an unlimited buffet lunch and by now the average price paid has been 6.20€. 

all my friends

met on 10 september

[met at Università Bocconi - pic clearly stolen from her facebook]

Cioppi, the traveller. She spent half 2010 between Melbourne and Sidney, then lived in New York for the first three months of 2011. Back in Italy, she went back to her hometown, Modena, but then spent the whole summer in Lecce. Next destination? Maybe London. Let's see!

unusual saturday night
[pic taken by a person not able to use Hipstamatic. i'm talking about myself]
After some update about our lives and some healthy gossip, we - me and the girls in the picture above: Federica, Flavia, Rossella - decided to spring a surprise on our friend Laura, working in a restaurant.
We knew Laura had to finish between 00.30 and 1, so we arrived and started smoking cigarettes waiting for her. Unfortunately she stopped at 3.30. We spent TWO HOURS AND A HALF out of that posh restaurant and when she finally arrived we spent not more than 10 minutes with her!
At least, she loved the surprise or, better, she could not believe we did not go away after one hour.

night time
Silvia, via Paolo Sarpi, Milano

This beautiful sulky girl is Silvia, she comes from Bari, studied with me in Milano and then moved to Rome. It was at least one year we did not see each other and we casually met thanks to our friend Angelo.
I spent the afternoon with her, Angelo and Alice walking around via Paolo Sarpi, the little China town in Milano. I would have bought so much stuff - wigs, mainly: i've found a bordeaux one that would look so perfect on me! - but luckily I've found an ATM only before going home, so I bought only some edamame beans and some beetroot baozi

poor baozi(s?), ...
...yesterday it was the first time I tried to cook them. I read they should have been prepared using a double boiler or a microwave. I opted for the microwave (I was in a hurry) and made a big mistake: I didn't eat them immediately. When I tried to eat them, they turned into stones. Dinner ended with my flatmates and my boyfriend throwing baozi(s) against me. 

pink steam

met on 8 september

Tube and Ste, Old Fox Pub, Milano

Happy birthday guys! 
Right present to the right person:
Tube - Tea-pot, mugs and slippers by Muji + 6months subscription to the magazine L'Espresso
Ste - Butthole Surfers t-shirt, beer-cap, portable fan and big inflatable soccer ball

happy birthday also to these beautiful girls
Laura on  the 7th, Cata on the 8th and Rossi on the 9th
in my mind

met on 7 september

Roberto, Colonne di San Lorenzo, Milano

Once he used to have curly hairs, but yesterday I met him with this short hair and I didn't recognized him at all! He's now working with the artists collective WooLoo in Copenhagen and, for what he told me, he's enjoying his (weird) job.

Giancarlo, La Vineria, Milano

Giancarlo works at La Vineria, a nice wine shop / bar where I spend a lot of time (maybe too much) with my friends. Yesterday it was his birthday and he offered sparkling wine to everybody of us.

i'm in love with Milano, always more and more
people playing football at Castello Sforzesco, under an amazing light.

island in the sun

met on 4 september

Dino, Irene, Marchino, at PanePasta, Milano

Irene is now the fourth occupant of PanePasta and she perfectly fits us 

meanwhile, my other flatmate Alice...
started knitting in her spare time. can't wait for my xmas present!

i know where the summer goes

met on 2nd september

Cristina, via Vigevano, Milano

I met her for the first time at the end of 2007, here in Milano, thanks to an amazing common friend, Paul.
Cristina is a true Milanese, but now moved with her boyfriend (for professional reasons) to Pau, in south-western France, where she's desperate: almost every woman has at least one child and city life is built around children. She instead told me that Bordeaux and Toulouse are great cities both to visit and to live and I've just added them to my Places-to-go list.

it has been great having lunch at
Latteria, via Vigevano 33


met on 30 august

Giordano, Università Bocconi, Milano

Hey! It was at least one year we didn't see each other! 
Giordano talked me about his particular experience at Diesel, where he's doing an internship. 
Diesel headquarters are situated almost 40km far from Vicenza and you should know two things:
- Vicenza is not famous for being a lively city and, with no offense for anybody, its inhabitants are not famous for being specially open-minded;
- Giordano spent last semester in San Paolo, Brasil. 
By the way, he's enjoying this experience and I had no doubts about it, since he's an extremely positive and sunny person.

i'm in love with
[pic found on tumblr, taken by molnillusion]

there is an end