met on 15 june

1. The Please (only two of them) and friends
2 . Betti and Isa
3 . Arianna and Davide
- Mi Ami 2012 - Milano

It was really hot but it was also really worth it!

shopping tips

Bitter gospels along the riverside - The Please

You are the reason for my troubles - The Mojomatics

Hopeless - Hot Gossip

met on 9-10-11 june

Julia, Elias and Julian - their place - Kassel

I went to Kassel with Dino for the opening of documenta(13).
I totally forgot to take a picture of our hosts (couchsurfing), really, but they were absolutely nice and helpful.
In their living room, where we slept for 2 nights, they had a real printing office!!!


met on 8 june

Eurotower / Occupy Frankfurt - Frankfurt

On 8th June I've discovered that Frankfurt:
- it's a nice place, because of the river and the the skycrapers
- it's a boring place
- bars close at midnight on friday night

enola gay

met on 5 june

Irene, Andre, Kavy - via Lesmi - Milano

Great neighborhood. 
Walking on my way home and meeting friendly people has always been a dream. Now it happens, but it could be better. Please come living around via Ausonio and via Lesmi in Milano. 


met on 2nd june

Marco, Federica, Giulia, Flavia - parco Castelli - Brescia

Sometimes I really need to come back home. 
An almost perfect night at parco Castelli, full of people and music. 
I often miss my family and my friends, but I still love living in Milano. 
This is an appeal: come visiting me!

moni mon amie

met on 1st june

Emilia - Circolo Magnolia - Milano

Emilia! What a weird beginning of our night! We almost did not know each other, but we lost our friends while trying to order something to drink stucked among more or less 3000 people and we spent more than 1 hour and a half together wondering how it could happen.
She is a determined girl from Cyprus and she is studying at Scuola Politecnica. 


met on 31 may

? and maybe Ivan - Arci Ohibò - Milano

I am so sorry I do not remember your names. 
"maybe Ivan" is friend of a friend. we met at Arci Ohibò and talked about many things: pee, poo and iPhones' real utility.


met on 26 may

?, Eva, Cathinka, Nico, ?, Ilian - next to the new Elbphilarmonie - Hamburg

Cathinka and I met 3 years ago in Hyderabad, where we studied and had fun together for 3 weeks. She comes from Norway and, after living in Milano for 4 years, she moved to Hamburg. I really hope to meet her again soon, because she really is a special and incredibly radiant girl with whom you can never get tired.
We were in Hamburg, but Eva as the only German, since the guy on the left comes from Ecuador and the girl and the guy on the right respectively from China and Italy.

remembering old great times in Goa

met on 25 may

Eva and Nico - Eva's place - Hamburg

Eva is definitely the best host ever met on Couchsurfing. She works at Kochhaus - a sort of special supermarket that offers prearranged bundles of ingredients for an array of tasty recipes - and she offered us some perfect rice noodles with cucumbers, peanuts, mint, garlic and tofu.
She has always been incredibly sweet and the mood in her so special flat was really peaceful.
Thank you Eva!

caught a long wind