met on 29 april

Angelo and Gin, at Angelo's, Milano

Angelo's new flat (mansard) is amazing, it looks like a boat: white wood, blue pillows, a small window with shutters between the kitchen and the living room, a huge walk-in closet... and other great and interesting stuff.
He lives with a little and beautiful rabbit, Gin; unfortunately Angelo's bed is right on the floor and Gin yesterday decided to pee on the sheets.

it would have been great meeting
dedicate them at least 5 minutes, only to see how amazingly they're managing to live their life.

sadness is a blessing

met on 27 april

Omur, Francesco, Marco, Vlassis, Claudia and Simon, Università Bocconi, Milano

Monkey Business was the name of our "agency" and yesterday we finally presented our communication plan for the Bocconi Run.
The task could appear as a kind of boring one (and at first it was), but thanks to great ideas we managed something great (hopefully)!
Hope to meet you again, guys!

good intention of the week
meet me in the basement

met on 23 april [pics taken from these people's facebook pages]

I took pictures of these people, but then I came back to Milano forgetting my camera at home. I can't wait till next week, so I'm gonna use pictures found on their facebook pages, even if they're not so up to date.

Maya and Simone

They're Dino's friends and ex-colleagues; they moved to Venice, but yesterday they were in Brescia so we had an aperitivo together.
They have two (by hearsay) fabolous children that I can't wait to meet!
The picture above is old, Maya doesn't have blue hair anymore; i would say the current color is "cherry".


Veronica is Gianni's girlfriend and she's one of the sweetest girl I've ever met.
In the picture above you can see her in the fabolous location where she took pictures for The Churchill Outfit EP - In Dark Times.
Besides being an amazing photographer, she also works as costume designer at Teatro alla Scala in Milano, but she also holds a fashion workshop at LABA in Brescia.

i love playing
source: flickr - pic by ildenny

prayer to god

met on 22 april

Stefania, at Le Tits, Brescia

Stefania and her brother used to play phone pranks saying "We are Alpitour and we would like to offer you a travel to...", but once a cake shop answered the phone. Realizing they were talking to a confectioner they asked for a cake, but he answered "yes, a cake full of shit".
Since then, they stopped playing phone pranks.

i love karatits (karaoke at le tits)

nothing came out

met on 18 april

Heeone, via Vetere, Milano

I went out for a drink with my flatmates and we met Heeone.
He's an interior designer and photographer, he works for Elle Japan - South Korea and he asked to take some pictures of us. He has been so kind!
Today I met him again in Sant'Ambrogio metro station and he told me he comes from South Korea, grew up in Seattle and now lives in Milano (he speaks perfect Italian) but is planning to move to Paris.
Am I the only one staying here?!

if you're going to vote in Milano...


met on 16 april

Piscina Caimi, via Botta, Milano

Party at the squatted Piscina Caimi. I was too angry with the world and I didn't take pictures of anybody, but I met nice people.
Squatters lived there for almost 2months and at least they made people know this forgotten space. Now they've been turned out.

human behaviour

Human Behaviour-Björk from Jöl Brito on Vimeo.

met on 15 april

Young Balkan Designers, at Salone Satellite, Milano

Yesterday my friend Konstantinos set me a nice trap: he invited me to Salone del Mobile in Rho (he had an extra-pass) and then asked me to interview some young independent designers. After I said Yes, thinking "nobody I know is going to see it" I discovered those interviews are for the Bocconi web TV. So I had my first experience as a journalist!
I think I was able to do that only because I already knew Dimitris (the guy in the middle, with its Lighthouse Lamp), met one night at Konstantinos place, in a totally different context.
Go visit Mikser Festival webpage (and maybe then book a plane for Belgrade). It is thanks to Mikser that these young designers had the opportunity to participate in Salone del Mobile.

it has been GREAT meeting
I bought their wonderful Let efelanti walk out EP. The packaging is beautifully handmade.

the please promo

met on 13 april

Roby, at L'Altro, Brescia

When we met we realized it was something like 8 months we didn't see each other. It's amazing. Even more if you think we used to live together and, before, we were classmates at high-school.
Anyway, we got updated about last gossips in town and everything.

it would have been great meeting
Gareth Pugh

my girls

met on 12 april

The Riccobellis (without their drummer), at Lio Bar, Brescia

Their philosophy is: The Ramones.
They're the Riccobelli brothers and they have a band with another friend, Cecco.
Maybe on 20 May they'll sound at Ligera (via Padova 133, Milano) with Caroline & the Treats. It's not sure, but I'll let you know cause it's gonna be a fun night.

Jessica and Anna, at Lio Bar, Brescia

They study with Simone-Gufo-Riccobelli (the one on the left) and they have a classmate who's anxiously looking for a girlfriend, so anxiously that he's even trying to "court" a pregnant girl.

Alberto, at Lio Bar, Brescia

His voice is impressive. His tone of voice, I mean. He has the most deep, bass voice I've ever heard and when he talks to you it sounds like you talking with a radio speaker.

Alberto, at Lio Bar, Brescia

He started an internship at Banca Etica (you should really get informed about it) and he already received interesting offers for his future career. I'm so glad for you!

it would have been great watching
really, it's something like two weeks I watch NOTHING and I really need it.


met on 9 april

Andrea, Ivan and Yaessen, Polymia and Friederike, at La Vineria, Milano

[Please "Yaessen" forgive me for the horrible way I wrote your name, but I really had no idea about the right spelling. I asked both Ivan and Konstantinos but they didn't answer me.]
After a sunny afternoon at the park with my brother and Konstantinos, we went to La Vineria, really nice place just behind Porta Genova, where I met all of them.
Andrea - he studies with my brother at SAE institute and yesterday was a bit worried cause my brother had an hammer in his bag.
Ivan and Yaessen - I know Ivan since I used to meet him at the canteen: the sweet and fashionable kazakh guy always on Skype, but yesterday I met Yaessen who came visiting him for his birthday.
Polymia and Friederike - yesterday I talked Polymia about a party where I had already met her, then she told me that the party was her party, in her flat!

the american boy and the italian girl
they arrived straight in front of Ivan, telling him: "you look like Armand Van Helden, the Duck Sauce DJ" (for those, like me, who ignored the Duck Sauce existence: their song is the unbearable "Barbra Streisand woo woo woo woo woo woo woo")
and then: "oh, you're from Kazakhstan! amazing! she works in Kazakhstan, she exploits kazakh oil"
they probably wanted to make friends, but they did not choose the proper talking points.

advice for young mothers to be

met on 8 april

Marco1, Betta and Marco2, maybe viale Da Cermenate, Milano

Graduation party at Rocket - after having used the free drink kindly offered by our graduated friends, we (me, Dino and Ale) found ourselves in front of a big dilemma: to spend or not to spend 10€ for another drink? It was not an emergency situation, so we decided not to throw away that money.
We met Marco1 and I knew he could bring us in the place where we could finally find a 3€ beer. And I was right, but I had to admit it has been hard to find it (Rocket is kind of a monopolist around via Pezzotti).
Footnote: Marco's accent is the most Roman accent I've ever heard (I mean live. I swear his accent is really like THIS).

the Googler!
my best and greatest congratulations to Ale, who is now part of the Google Italia team.

giving it all away

met on 6 april

Jacopo and Tube, at Bar Rattazzo, Milano

Jacopo complained about the poor quality of the 18 march picture, so I took a second one with Dino's iPhone, but unfortunately it's bad quality again. Yesterday I finally had his address, so I ordered on his birthday present, more than one year late.
Tube, back from Paris again (do you really live in Paris or are you hiding somewhere in Milano?) is looking for an internship. He's really smart, talented and also nice; if you're looking for a marketing intern you should definitely call him.

take a walk around palazzo reale
there you'll find a 10meters high mountain of salt by Mimmo Paladino (1990).


met on 4 april

Sonia, Università Bocconi, Milano

Gradutation Day! Congratulations to the sweetest of all girls: doctor Sonia.
I'm so happy for you and can't wait for friday's party!
Bad discovery: assisting to her graduation I realized that you can't show your public any slide to explain your thesis. How is it possible? I don't know.

i need a "mini living garden"

non arrossire

met on 3rd april

Laura, at Piscina Caimi, Milano

My first impression about her was that of a snobbish / posh girl. How wrong I was!
She's absolutely nice, pleasant and she really puts you at ease.
We were at an exhibition at Piscina Caimi, a beautiful but abandoned huge swimming pool right in the center of Milano, now squatted. One of the most fascinating places I've ever been since I live here.

Chiara, on tram 9, Milano

I met her at the tram-stop in Porta Romana, just coming back from Piscina Caimi. I told her everything I could tell her about that amazing space and I hope I didn't bore her too much!
She is from Sarzana (Liguria), near where I spent my last summer holidays and where I casually met her at the "octopus festival".

it would have been great meeting
Georges Perec
After having heard talking about him so much, I finally started reading La Vie mode d'emploi (original title) and... I'm totally in the book, in all the stories held in it and linked with each other, in its amazing mechanisms (he was a mathematician)... wow, really.


met on 2 april

Gianluca and Flavia, Vinile45, Brescia

Couple of the year!
Flavia's birthday is on the 3rd April, so we waited for midnight and gave her awesome presents. The fate kept her in Brescia: she was supposed to be in Milano for The Kills concert (the ticket was a present from Gianluca), but at the last minute the gig has been cancelled.

Ale now works at Vinile45
where he prepares really tasty shots.

nuova luce

met on 31 march

Bicycle thieves, corso Ticinese, Milano

Roberta needs a new bike and after a horrible experience with buying regular / legal bikes in Berlin, she decided to steal one. Here the thieves are pointing the booty.
Don't worry, obviously they finally stole nothing.

if you live in the town center, this is great