met on 29 april

Betti - her graduation party - Caregno, Gardone Val Trompia

A mountain refuge and more or less 30 people to celebrate Betti's graduation.
Fireplace, outdoor and indoor music, falafels at nights. 
I arrived there with Dino at 00.30. The thing is that the place was 1000m amsl and the street consisted of hateful hairpin turns that threw me into total panic: I never drive on mountains at night!

met on 25 april

Sofia and Roberta - OstelloBello - Milano

They've conquered my flatmates! Not easy at all!
Sofia and I were friends on facebook, but we met yesterday for the first time.
Roberta is the amazing girl I met on couchsurfing before going to Berlin, but I've never surfed her couch there, while I've slept in her bed in Palermo.

herself - herself

met on 21 april

Vale and Paolo - Pane&Pasta - Milano

Thanks two Alice I have two nice friends! Valentina - the super English teacher met on 4 march - and Paolo. Paolo always kind of scared me, but I assure you that he is as stupid as I am! 
Yesterday we walked a lot all together in the night on the bypass.

new france

met on 20-21 april

Dino, Alice, Tomàs, Radek and Jaime - Arco della Pace - Milano

Tomàs lived at Pane&Pasta (my house) six years ago. He is an architect and now lives in Zurich where he works with Radek and Jaime. 
We had a nice brunch at our owner's place, the amazing Marina.
Then I never met them again during the whole weekend, even if we slept at the same place. 
Bye bye, really hope to meet you again somewhere. Good luck for you interviews and everything.

thanks for letting me discover the world of contemporary sacred architecture

met on 15 april

Giacomo, Andre, Dino - Serra Lorenzini - Milano

L'Orso - Serra Lorenzini - Milano

Sunday afternoon at Serra Lorenzini (M-Abbiategrasso) organized by LoVeRs. Serra Lorenzini is a huge and beautiful greenhouse in the southern Milano. I was there with my brother, my flatmate Alice and Dino. We obviously met our neighbours, Giacomo and Andrea.
L'Orso (there was also a girl that does not appear in the picture above) played some acoustic songs and everything was peaceful, but we were really hungry and decided  to conclude the day at Ostello Bello..

Alice and Fabrizio - Ostello Bello - Milano

As you read in the met on 6 march post, my flatmate Ali talked about herself and her job in a special video by Corriere TV. At Ostello Bello she met another protagonist of those videos: here is Fabrizio, the chef.

i hope it'll rain at least till the end of the month

met on 13 april

Flavia, at Crivello, Brescia

Happy birthday (10 days late)!!
She looks weird in this picture. Always beautiful, of course. 
It was perfect: coming back to Brescia on friday night and partying her birthday. 
I sometimes really miss my female friends!

the other female friends
Federica (who's wearing a wid, but actually has red-purple hair), Rossella and Laura

(not really) met on 12 april

Mum and dad, somewhere on some mountain

Happy birthday mum!
I was at work and my dad sent me this picture. Envy to the nth degree.

met on 10 april

Anna, Matteo and Cinzia, at California Bakery, Milano

Vice (magazine) is always the best. You always have at least beer for free.
There I met Anna, after three years, and last time it was in London (precisely in Greenwich, where she studied and lived) in winter 2009.
Anna and I attended the same high-school, and their friends Matteo and Cinzia too, but we did not know each other.

i spend a lot of time watching
Vice videos on

met on 9 april

Giorgio, Parco delle Basiliche, Milano

I spent my Pasquetta (the day after Eeaster) with Dino and Giorgio. 
Our original was that of joining some friends in Cassano d'Adda, but there it was raining, while Milano was incredibly sunny.
Giorgio was supposed to be in Mali, but the recent coup d'état interrumpted its tour.

i love eating at
Ghireria Kalliopi, Ripa di Porta Ticinese 13, Milano
(vegetarian pita, obviously)

met on 8 april

Brother and grandma, at grandparents' place, Quinzanello

Great Easter lunch and a lot of pictures.
Walls of my grandparents' house are covered with oil paintings, almost all made by my grandmother.

listen to
and then buy their album.

met on 5 april

?, Fulvia and Emma, at Peppuccio, Milano

Fulvia comes from Cecina, as my friend Marchino, and they studied together at high school. Fulvia now lives in Toulouse. Everybody described me Toulouse as a beautiful and great city to live, Fulvia obviously has the same opinion, but I'm almost sure that she would live everywhere having fun.
Emma lived with Marchino before he moved to Shanghai, we never talked a lot, but yesterday I've discovered a nice and kind person. I really hope I did not scared you too much with my command and organization mania. 

met on 28 march

Jessica, at Serendepico, Milano

We studied together during our first university years. 
I found her yesterday at Serendepico, her own restaurant right in front of Castello Sforzesco.
She did not change at all: hyperactive, practical and absolutely hospitable. I promised that we will meet more often.

graduation week

I did it. I am an adult person now. I have to work.

I want to be a student forever. And I want to get paid to do it.

special mention
for Angelo and its parents.

i love my friends