met on 28 january

Tube, Caffè della Pusterla, Milano

My friend, ex-classmate and neighbour Tube (Lorenzo) is leaving for Berlin, where he found a job. 
I'm happy for him and for the sleeping place I'll have every time I'll go to visiting him, but I'm also incredibly sad for this sudden departure: I'll particularly miss our breakfasts at Caffè della Pusterla, also known as 'breakfast with a lot of newspapers'.

Ivan and Sara, somewhere behind corso Ticinese, Milano

Ivan is leaving as well, he has a job in Sydney in the online marketing of!
Sara studied with me, but we never spoke each other that much. After having met her, I think there are few people as unmanageable as she is.

atomic peace

met on 27 january

Edoardo, Samuele and Claudio at Pane&Pasta, Milano

Yesterday I came back home after work and I found them filming in my house with huge cameras. 
I was so tired that I totally forgot my flatmate's (Alice) interview for! They are filming successful young people and Alice is one of them.
Edoardo works at the Apple Store and I remembered him, but the funny "the-world-is-so-small" fact is that some years ago he did a master in Maya 3D in Turin with Dino, my boyfriend. 

the cigarette duo


i've started working and i'm still writing my graduation thesis.
let me adapt to the new timetables.
i'll be back in february.

total life forever

xmas holidays and new year's eve

I've always said I love winter. Yes, blue mood is always behind the corner, but if you can go over it, winter is the perfect season.
I spent Christmas with my family and New Year's Eve with my friends. 
Now I'll just wait for 2012 to make me meet new people without forgetting the most important ones. 

give up the ghost