met on 17 december

Albi, Jacopo, Ari, Ste and Simo at Sacrestia, Milano

They all graduated and we (friends) were so proud of them that decided to make them act for us: Albi was the superhero, Jacopo the bad guy who kidnapped the fairy princess Ari, Ste was the prince and Simo his horse.


met on 16 december

Stefano, at PanePasta, Milano

Stefano is a friend of my flatmate Ceci's brother. He was at our place before going to Leoncavallo for the Modeselektor concert. Stefano is a writer and he is one of those lucky people who earn money by doing what they like!
He did not want to be portrayed because he does not want his face on the web, but we agreed that this profile is not a proper portrait.

laughing with a mouth of blood

met on 15 december

Stefano, at Vice party, Milano

When I was younger (I mean only three-four years ago) and I used to go dancing regularly he used to play with another guy called Ruggero. Now they organize Spectrum parties in Milano, but I can't say anything about it, I've never been there. The only thing I know, for sure, is that they're gonna make you dance.

Fuggio, at Vice party, Milano

We met out of toilets. He was waiting for his girlfriend Maddi, she was supposed to be in female toilets, but I was queuing there and I did not see her. There was only one door, so I should have seen her! Hope he finally found her.

16 years

met on 13 december

Kitsch-tombola prizes won by me and my flatmates, at PanePasta, Milano

Saint-Lucia kitsch-tombola! We did it at Marchino's place and it has been a great success!
Among prizes we won: pink glitter cap, plastic coloured jewellery, Chinese calendar, starlights, fake fur hot-water bottle, Mao Tse Tung most famous quotations, many books, mug and relative dish, sushi shaped candles, other useless stuff.

little by little

met on 11 december

Manu and Nando, pic 'stolen' from the facebook album of Erika and Paul's wedding

Manu and Nando are Marchino's parents. They're are incredible and, apart from Marco, they have two beautiful daughters. One of them, Erika, married two years ago with a double ceremony: catholic and sikh. The picture above was taken during the indian wedding.
I had to use this picture because I lost the one I took at Bar della Pusterla in Milano, where I met them on sunday morning. They were in Milano to visit their beloved son and they brought him something to eat (he lives alone)...


met on 10 december

[pictures taken by Erika Bianchessi]

The Please, at Santeria, Milano

1pm, saturday afternoon: weird time, but great concert.
I really like The Please and I deeply hope they'll gain all attention they deserve.


met on 9 december

Dino, Ivan and Yessen, under Lambrate train station, Milano

Yessen arrived at Ivan's on the 6th, but I was in Brescia, so we met only yesterday. 
I'm really glad when he comes here, because my friend Ivan is happy, but also because he's an incredibly smart, interesting and pleasant guy. 
We went together to Lambrate for the Matthew Dear dj set, but I personally didn't listen to it because I was out chatting with Dino and we didn't realize time was going by so quickly.


met on 7 december

Flavia, working with Secret Wood, near Brescia
[pic 'stolen' from Secret Wood Bazaar Wear - Fall/Winter 2011 facebook album]

Isn't she beautiful? Yes, she definitely is.
My friend Flavia has recently hired Secret Wood (do you remember? met on 29 november) to shoot a promotional video of her shop Bazaar Wear (based in Brescia and Bergamo) and I really can't wait to see it.
The picture above has been taken during the video shooting and I love it.

midnight city

met on 4 december

Betti's vegan pastries and cupcakes, at Caffé Letterario, Brescia
[pics by Piercarlo Paderno]

I'll never stop saying that my friend Betti is the best vegan cooker EVER.
Yesterday at Caffé Letterario she delighted our palates with a huge variety of pastries and cupcakes.
I seize now the opportunity to advertise you these icon sets I fell in love with:

bittersweet melodies

met on 3rd december

Chiara, Brescia
[pic 'stolen' from her facebook]

Chiara! We spent a lot of time together during our eventful adolescence, then we changed habits friends and towns and we almost lost sight of ourselves. 
Last time we talked each other it was July and I found her deeply changed, but yesterday I met her at Vinile45, where she works as (incredibly sexy) bar girl.  I've found her so much changed again and I was really happy to see her.

all you need is me

met on 29 november

Luca and Lisa, at Sgt. Pepper's, Milano

Luca is the founder of Secret Wood (film production company), but also the director of The Technician, a short film that will projected at Sgt Pepper's every day at 20.00 and 21.00 till the 13th December.
Good luck for everything!

the technician

met on 24 november

Kazak dinner at Ivan and Ari's place, Milano

The supercute guy in the centre of the picture cooked delicious kazak dumplings for us. He spent the afternoon skyping with his mum in order to prepare everything in the perfect way. Thank you Ivan!

the runaway

met from 25 to 27 november

Marchino, Nico, Dino, Paul, Cami, Manon, Mado

After 2 years, Paul came back to Milano for the weekend. With him, his cousin Manon and his friend Mado. 
We had great time together and the weekend passed incredibly quickly, too quickly. In the first picture we are all wearing the pin SOS Racisme, where Paul works in Paris. Paul, we all missed you so much!! 
It was also great that Cami was in Milano, because she's so crazy that she could not get bored this weekend.
In the secondo picture are Manon and Mado. Manon is now living in Paris with Paul, but she'll graduate in March at my university, while Mado lives in London and is now looking for a job.
Hope to meet you all soon, 'cause I'm already missing you a lot!

Noteworthy: take a last look at Dino's glasses, because they got lost at Plastic.


met on 22 november

Roberta, at PanePasta, Milano

I really like her. She's energic, nice, social, everything. The only weird thing is that her name has nothing to do with her face: I continuously called her Giorgia, while my flatmate called her Daniela. 
Roberta/Giorgia/Daniela works at the vintage corner Surplus at Scout in corso di porta Ticinese. Go and visit her. Their vintage is incredibly cheap!

the shrine / an argument

met on 19 november

Davide and friends, at Davide's place, Milano

I'm really sorry I don't remember their names (apart from Davide, of course), but it was 3 am. I was with Dino, Davide and other people, but we stopped for a drink and lost the 'other people'. We thought we had to meet our friends in a place, but they were in another one, so we just danced Backstreet Boys and then ended our night in Davide's bedroom, where he was hosting the guys in the picture.


met on 10 november

David, at PanePasta, Milano

Dave is from Birmingham and there he studied with my flatmate Alice. 
He spent one night at our place and I had considerable difficulties in understanding his strong accent.

this must be the place

met on 8 november

Massi and Emi, at PanePasta, Milano

I love it when new people come at my place and I don't even need to go out. 
I'm only sorry for my overtiredness. Grey days.


met on 6 november

Betti, Stella, Marchino, Isotta, Dino, Tube, at PanePasta, Milano

Cranium is the best table game EVER. I would have never stopped playing. 
Lovely rainy saturday night.

beat and the pulse

met on 4 november

Marchino, at his place, Milano

Marchino at his 24th birthday's eve, wearing a fabulous gigantic blanket with sleeves we brought him as a present. 
He bought the cap by himself, it is not a present. 
Happy birthday superMarchino!

i loved her


met on 2nd november

Apple Store Milano Rozzano
(source: Apple website)

I needed assistance for my Mac and they have been great with me. 
Does this sound like free promotion? Well, they deserved it.

A HUGE THANK to Dino, who gave me his own Mac for two days.

apple tree

met on 28 october

Giulia, at Cox18, Milano
[pic'stolen' from her facebook]

Meeting her around is always a pleasure: she is always radiant and lively and she tells you a lot of things.
Among her facebook pictures, I've chosen the one above because she has a typical 'Giulia expression'!
Cox18 is one of the best place I know.

Amanda and Jessica, at Cox18, Milano

Emmy and Jessy! I was just arrived and spent with them at least 10 minutes only talking about incredibly nonsense and stupid stuff. Great!
Jessica is from Cecina, reason why you are naturally inclined to like her.

American girls, at Cox18, Milano

I had a lot of fun with them and they told me I'm cute. We are almost friends, then. I don't know exactly how we started to talk each other, but in the end the girl on the right wanted me to go with her dancing some french-something-music at don't-know-where.


met on 27 october

Giovanna, at Vice and 55 DSL party, Milano

Yesterday I went to the 55 DSL store for the launch party of the new Vice issue (and the Death in plains concert which I actually didn't see). I love it when they organize this kind of events: from 18.30 to 21, you end your study/work day with a free beer and a new Vice issue and you calmly decide what to do of your evening, according to who you meet.
Giovanna and I studied together and now she works for Diesel, at the press office. We don't know each other that much, but I think we mutually like us. Hope to meet you again soon!

Sunyong, Milano
[pic 'stolen' from her facebook]
I met the sweet Sunyoung because of my friend Marchino, who invited her at RadioBocconi to talk about Corean food and drinks. Thanks to her, I ate superdelicious bagels at The Bagel Factory in piazza XXIV Maggio (and yes, I know that bagels aren't Corean at all).
I've always looked at her with admiration when I used to meet her at university, because she is always always perfectly groomed. Yesterday she told me that she is necessarily well-dressed because she only buys incredibly cute clothes to go out and incredibly sporty ones to go to the gym, so that she has no chance to go wrong.

Claire, at Angelo's place, Milano

Claire is Greek, but she lives in Amsterdam, where she studies arts, specifically glass blowing. 
I made her a lot of questions about it and learnt things I would have never imagined about working with glass.

i loved pre-partying at Angelo's place

voodoo people

met on 23 october

Matteo, at PanePasta, Milano

Temporarily, he is our fifth flatmate! 
His driving license has been suspended for some months, but he works in Milano while living in Bergamo. He now needs a place to stay and he is looking for a room. 
Are you maybe looking for a nice flatmate? Here he is! 
For the time being, welcome at PanePasta!


met on 22 october

Nicolò, at Sabato del Villaggio, Milano
[pic 'stolen' from his facebook - yes, I never have my camera with me]

So much time we didn't see each other!
He spent some time abroad for work and now his first album is coming out, under the stage name NIKO.
I'll surely support him.
Good luck!

graduation girls
Giulia and Manu. My best congratulations to them!

black water

met on 21 october

[pic 'stolen' from her facebook]

I hosted the sweet Manon for two nights, but it was graduations weekend, reason why we spent together only friday night. 
Perfectly French and with an incredibly strong heart, I really liked having her around here.
See you again in November!

happy birthday to
my beautiful flatmate Alice!
Angelo prepared a super dinner in her honor and in the picture you can see the dessert: an amazing rasperry cake.

white nights

met on 20 october

Stella, Betti and Akira, at their place, Milano

[pic 'stolen' from their facebook]
After failing in collecting questionnaires out of Coop supermarket (for my graduation thesis) because it was too cold, I spent the evening with Dino, Stella and Betti. We wandered around 'Everything for One Euro' and brazilian food shops, we had dinner together and then played the best table game ever: Cranium.


met on 19 october

Antonio, at PanePasta, Milano

First cold days of autumn (finally):
I was studying home, in my warm white room when my flatmate Ceci arrived with Antonio that cooked a superlunch: risotto with radicchio and red wine. I couldn't ask for more.

acid food

met on 15 october


Isotta graduated in 'Interdisciplinary research and studies on eastern Europe' and, after spending a consistent part of her university years abroad, she decided to look for a job in Milano.
While unemployed, she kindly helped me administering surveys out of supermarkets for my graduation thesis. We could not imagine how hard it is to convince people that you are not selling them anything and that the survey is just your thesis empirical part!

this orient

met on 12 october

Volero and Andrijus, at PanePasta, Milano

At PanePasta, we've just decided to host people from Couchsurfing: the world comes at your place!
I already travelled with Couchsurfing as a guest, yesterday it was my first time as a host.
We accepted the request of these two kind guys coming from Vilnius. We had dinner together, drank their typical Lithuanian honey liqueur and then just went out for a walk. 
We decided to host people weekly, let's see!


met on 8-9 october

Dino, PanePasta, Milano

2 years,
and I even cooked him a bleeding veal fillet with mashrooms.

swimming pool + cold = wow
on Sunday I walked around Milano with Dino and Ivan and we arrived in a villa that we (actually, Dino) recognized as being the location of the movie Io sono l'amore (by Luca Guadagnino). 
I didn't like the movie at all, I'd say it was even trash, but the setting is doubtless fascinating.

pumping my heart

met on 7 october

Rob and Viola, at Marchino's place, Milano

The picture above is old, but it was the nicest one I had of my friend Rob.
He moved to a new flat near Porta Romana and he invited us for dinner (a great dinner). 
The only weird thing was... his flatmate. He entered home at 11 and at 11.30 - it was friday night - he asked us to keep quiet - we were only chatting - because he wanted to go sleeping. The thing is that he does the same during the week, but at 10.30.

let's go to bed