met on 23 march

Tati and Loris, at PanePasta, Milano

Tati, my ex-flatmate, is back after one year. With a boyfriend!
It was so weird seeing her sitting on that chair at that table. Last year she suddenly decided she did not want to live in Milano anymore, she gave up her job and started studying in Bari.
I am really happy for her, but she should learn how to catch a flight more often than once a year.

the garden

met on 17 march

I've heard that Dolce&Gabbana video campaign for S/S 2012 was directed by Luca Finotti. Wow! You can meet him as well in the 6 September 2008 post: metyesterday/2008/09
We studied together at the university library, then he moved somewhere and I finally discovered what he did from YouTube.
[Please don't stop wishing me happy birthday every year.]

met ...5 days a week starting from january

Elena, at her desk, Milano

We started together our internship at Henkel. She's assistant brand manager for Indola.
She is super self-ironic and always smiling. Once we decided we would have gone for lunch together once a week, then it never happened!

shake it out

met on 16 march

My graduation thesis, at PanePasta, Milano

Here it is! 
I'll discuss it next Monday, 26 March, in the early morning.


met on 15 march

at UniversitĂ  Bocconi, Milano

We always helped and supported each other. The great day is almost here.
I'll personally graduate on Monday, 26 March at 8.30 am.

the girl and the robot

met on 14 march

The guy from the Kebab shop, at Pane&Pasta, Milano

The best gift we had since when we live at Pane&Pasta, has been the opening of a kebab shop 10 meters far from our house. We go there at least three times a week, we order our stuff and the guy brings it to us getting over our common inner courtyard. 
This picture was taken after three orders during the same night. 

deeper underground

met on 13 march

Jacopo and Luca, at Pane&Pasta, Milano

My flatmates' brothers, temporarily hosted by us in our beautiful small flat. 
After a bad day at work, I received the best phone call ever by Cecilia: "Are you coming home? The brothers are cooking some pasta. Should they prepare also for you?". YES! 
Thank youuuu. Lots of heartsss!

a special heart to
[pic by Erika]
my friend Betti, who sent me a bunch of tasty and healthy vegan recipies, easy and quick too cook after work.


met on 10 march

EDIPO, at Vinile 45, Brescia

After listening to some pieces on YouTube, I was already on the right way to get addicted to EDIPO's songs. Saturday night's concert gave the finishing touch. I spent the whole sunday humming random verses.
Next concert: 24 March at Sacrestia, Milano.

tu non capisci un pazzo

met on 4 march

Vale, at Angelo's place, Milano

I fell in love with her watching this video on saturday: and I met her the day after at my friend Angelo's place.
Valentina is the youngest, sweetest and atypical English teacher I have ever met. Every word she said gave birth to an insistent thought: I want to be a child and learn English from her!


met on 3rd march

Nico and Marco, pic borrowed from their facebook.

Unexpected saturday night in Bergamo. We went to PacìPaciana for a ska-reggae concert. The problem is that I don't like that kind of music at all. At least I've tried to dance.
By the way, we had a nice time. Thanks for animating my night!
Marginal note: they studied Audio Engineering at SAE in Milano and they are now looking for a job. If you need an audio technician for any kind of situation, or even a handmade speaker, just ask me.

colpa del fonico

after a long break,

i promise i'll do all my best to keep updating metyesterday. being always tired is not nice.
i'm waiting for an iPhone as graduation gift.

random people met during last month (those i've remembered to photograph):

Officially part of Pane&Pasta family, even if we never meet. He is the founder and owner of OSART gallery in Milano. Think about going there if you want to start investing in art.

Alvise is from Venice. All people called Alvise come from Venice. Do you know any Alvise not coming from Venice?

 Little Steve Zissou.

Sudden temperature changes in February: from -15°C to +18°C.

 Dino, Marchino, Ste.

On the left: Marco. I think I'll never have the opportunity to see him dressed like this again.
On the right: Again Marchino and Dino, on the way to Tunnel club.

The easiest person to find on the dancefloor: dressed in yellow, wearing white sunglasses. We never lost him.

 The Chinese guy just out of Tunnel.

 Sergio and Alexia.
Lovely couple, lovely saturday, lovely mozzarella.

Pane&Pasta and its guests.
(Starting from the left) Luca. Alice's brother, looking for a job in Milano. / Alice. Officially Pane&Pasta occupant. / Paolo. Alice's friend. / Jacopo. Ceci's brother, just started a Master in Design. / Ceci. Officially Pane&Pasta occupant. / Dino. My boyfriend.
(Not in the picture) Irene / Officially Pane&Pasta occupant. / Me. Officially Pane&Pasta occupant.

i want my hair like this
Prada F/W 2012-2013

welcome to tijuana