met on 26 may

Alice and Katrin, SDA Bocconi, Milano

Last minutes before our presentation of Coop Lombardia CSR strategy.
Alice looks incredibly bored, Katrin looks efficient, as she always is: I was shocked by her Google Calendar. Everything was always marked in RED, we always had to plan our meetings at least one week in advance.
Hope you find some time to do nothing at all, sweet Katrin!

i really liked people i met at

all to all

met on 20 may

Caroline and the Treats, at Ligera, Milano

Great performance. I'd say amazing.
A punk Emma Bunton.
But she's norwegian, not english.

i'm gonna miss you forever
and I still can't accept it happened.

the house she lived in

met on 19 may

Giorgio and the bearded woman, on tram 9, Milano

Milanese goliardi (or goliardici?) students in Milano.
They were asking money to shave the bearded woman, but I don't know if anybody financed them.
These associations are spread all over Italian universities and there is a historical tradition behind them. If you wanna know more, look for it on Wikipedia.

Ellen, Vice new issue launch, Milano

For two weeks, Ellen, or Lellen, is working in the catering of big fairs.
She came back yesterday from Dusseldorf and today she left to Budapest.
She's shocked by catering food. She told us she'll never eat again catering food.

i'd love, but don't know if i'd wear
When I was a child, I didn't like at all floral Dr.Martens, they were too ladylike.
Now, I love them.


met on 16 may

Jihane, at PanePasta, Milano

New flatmate!
Jihane, who's staying in Milano till the end of Agust to do an internship at
She's from Casablanca, but lived both in Barcelona and in Paris. After her Italian experience she's going back to France to complete her studies, but her final objective is to return to Morocco.

it would have been great meeting
Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca

a thousand miles away

met on 13 may

Riccardo, Tiz, Stefano, Paolo, at Cascina Torchiera, Milano

Vegan dinner at Torchiera. I am vegetarian, not vegan, because I'm lazy. I respect and admire vegans, but yesterday I heard one person talking in a megaphone and his speech has been so delirious and non-sense that the only thing I could do with Dino and the guys above in the picture was silently laughing.
We ended up talking about women producing cheese using their own milk. Or asking us if it's ethical eating animals who had been knocked down on the road.
This is the problem with fundamelists: you can't take them seriously. They have this great capability of fucking up what we should really reflect on.

it has been great meeting


met on 12 may

Eleni, at Bar Rattazzo, Milano

Eleni, from Athens, is in Milano for the Milano Image Art Fair and she's being hosted by Konstantinos. Before I met her yesterday night at 2am, she was sleeping and he woke her up to come out for a beer. Poor girl, she never stopped yawning.

it would have been great meeting
Nathan from Misfits tv series.
Yes, I started watching it and I have to admit I'm addicted to it, that's why I tend not to watch tv series. Anyway, Nathan character is such an asshole that he makes me laughing in front of the screen.


met on 11 may

Alice's mum, at PanePasta, Milano

She really is Alice's mother. Or, better, Alice really is her mother's daughter:
they're both lovely, crazy, beautiful and always perfectly groomed.
The difference stays in! Yes, Alice's mum is a very loyal and ardent supporter of Inter.
Yesterday she was in Milano because of the match Inter vs Roma.

i'm gonna buy the 1st issue of
project of a brand new independent publishing house based in Milano.
I REALLY hope it's not about fashionable bullshit 'cause it costs 20€.

black grease

met on 10 may

Boeri, Pisapia and Don Gallo at Milano Libera Tutti
[I obviously didn't take this picture, it is from laRepubblica website]

Five hours of music in front of the central station to support the candidate for mayor Giuliano Pisapia. Newspapers say we were more than 20.000 people there, unfortunately a big part of us isn't from Milano. But another big part is. So, let's hope for a better future.
I chose a picture with Don Gallo too, cause he is a priest, but a revolutionary one.

happy birthday to


l'unica cosa

met on 8 may

Luca and Elisa, pic stolen from her facebook

The world is small, yes!
Luca plays bass in The Churchill Outfit, Elisa was my classmate at high school.
They've been friends for years, then they fell in love and now they live together.

promotional space

milano libera tutti

met on 5 may

Flerida and Polpis, at Flerida's place, Milano

Flerida is one of the most radiant person I've ever met and she has this funny tiny dog who never stops running and barking at everybody.
I really have to say thanks to her for the amazing night and for having offered us her beautiful flat. We were really lots of people and a girl even stole a whole pizza and put it in her bag (yes, she folded it up and put it in her bag!!!).

Natalina, at Flerida's place, Milano

You know when you feel you really like the person in front of you without knowing her?
To me, it happened with Natalina!
We talked about.. I really don't remember what, but something concerning Scandinavian bands and boys studying at Bocconi. Then we went home together with my boyfriend and my brother, it was late and she told me she had to wake up really early cause she had an exam at 9.
Hope everything went well.

great party to say goodbye to a great girl
[pic by Bea]
Tati left Milano, at least since next autumn.


met on 1st may

Leti, at Marco's amazing loft, Milano

Leti, Marco's girlfriend, never comes to Milano, but she should! She's incredibly nice and air-headed (in a positive sense, obviously). Yesterday we had serious communications problems: I used to misunderstand every word she said.

Paola, at her place, Milano

She is one of the inhabitants of the amazing loft where Marco lives.
That place is amazing-wonderful-awesome-and everything else positive adjective that comes to your mind: it is a huge old loft with lots of rooms, white walls and red doors in the center of Milano (just behind piazza XXIV Maggio). The number of people living there always varies, but it is about 8-10.

Sindaco Moratti at MayDay Parade

jimmy il pedofilo

met on 30 april

Ingrid and Gaia, at Konstantinos' place, Milano

We spent something like 15 minutes talking nonstop with another friend (Ivan) about horoscopes and the influence signs have on our daily lives.
Ingrid lives in Helsinki and she keeps an art blog called Mustikka, that in finnish means blueberry.

happy birthday to
Konstantinos, that is now 28!
On the left is his neighbour, a man that hates the sun light and whose windows shutters are always closed. He goes out in the middle of the night (when I took this picture it was 2.30 am).

the wolf