met on 26 september

A woman, Stazione Centrale, Milano

As always, I lost my train and had to wait for the next one. Standing in line to buy my ticket I met a 45 years old woman from Sondrio that started talking to me. Then we smoked a cigarette and waited for our trains together. Nothing particular, but I had a nice time.

met on 23 september

This Sergio, webcam Boston-Milano

My lovely Serge! He's now studying at Boston College (maybe you can't see it in the pic but he's wearing the Boston College sweatshirt) and I'm not gonna see him till January. He's my sicilian lover and probably he's now breaking a lot of american hearts.
Be careful to not let yours being broken by some american girl!!

This Rocco, Rocco & Angelo's house, Milano

Ahahaah! The sweet little Rocco! While he was drinking his Cuba Libre before dinner, I decided to take him some photos. "Rocco, take the chair and do me sexy poses with it!" He started climbing over the chair, doing very awkward expressions.. "AHAHAAHAH! Rocco I took a video! I was not taking photos!"

This is Eleonora, Angelo & Rocco's house, Milano

Met her last summer at the library preparing the marketing exam, she's a fucking weird person. She makes me laugh so much because she's always happy, she speaks with roman accent and everytime I say something very stupid or nonsense she looks at me and says "you're a genius! I always thought that". Ahahahah!
We are now seriously committed in a fight against a friend of a friend of us that denigrates girls.

met on 19 september

This is Clo, BuggedOUT! at Magazzini Generali, Milano

Thanks Bocconi University making me know her!
I missed friday nights with my little twin, I missed her shouting and most of all I missed how high-heels can be extremely painful when you only want to dance.

We met a boy named Ross so drunk that he could not speake anymore. He spoke spoke spoke, he also told us he was Neil Barrett's nephew (really don't think so), and then he came in dancing with us. There we lost him.

This is Marta, Gian & Tube's house, Milano

Right back from Barcelona, enviably tanned, full of energy, loudly laughing.. Marta!

This is Giulia, BuggedOUT! at Magazzini Generali, Milano

Once I knew her only like "Gian's girlfriend", since we spent one week together in Santorini last summer I really know her. So great start of September: clubbing and broken hearts.


Santorini, Greece

met on 17 september

Marchino, McDonald's piazza XXIV maggio, Milano

He came back from NYC, where he spent 70$ for a haircut. Ahahahah!
We went drinking Jegermeister shots at Cuore together, so the season officially started. I was with him and another friend, we entered in McDonald's at 1 am and we found there something like seven or eight friends of us. I love Vertigo chips.


Blake Lively as Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl

LCD Soundsystem _ New York I Love You, But You're Bringing Me Down

met on 16 september

These are Simo and Viola, Colonne di San Lorenzo, Milano

Today Viola left to Birmingham, she's staying there till January. Simo is her best friend and since I know them, they're always and always together. I'm going to take care of him and his classic music concerts, but you, Viola look after yourself up there in England!


my little Paul photographed on the balcony of his ex italian apartment in viale Papiniano

yesterday we were all together to say goodbye to Viola and suddenly they asked me "and Poool? Let's call him!". He was in Paris with a friend of mine's girlfriend, so we phoned them and.. isa miaaaa quanto mi manchiii I miss you too pooool!

met on 13 september

This is Nico, Cascina Maggia, Brescia

He is the most beautiful and crazy brother I could ever have. Everything he does, he does it in its own way. He's almost two years younger than me I love him. But I'm often worried about him. Yesterday he was in the centre of the city with some friends, but he should come to me before going home. I clearly told him "if nobody brings you to me, I'm coming to you, do not come by feet, it's 5 km far from the centre and it's night". He arrived at 2 am, but how? By feet! He arrived with a broken beer bottle because of three romenian guys shouted against him "you walk like a queer, you dress like a queer".

This is Lisa, La Bicicletta, Brescia

She is organizing a birthday surprise party for her bestfriend's girlfriend. That girl (not Lisa) was born in 1989, so Lisa decided: to build up a polystyrene Berlin wall that the birthday girl should destroy; obviously the dj will play only 80's music.

This is Michi, Cascina Maggia, Brescia

"isaaaaa come here sitting with me! isaaaa" ..but I didn't know him! "Really? Don't you remember me? Are you faking? The one of Les Chansons d'Amour". Ok, I remembered. He added me as a friend on myspace because we attended the same high school, but once he had brown hair. He is a really pretty fucking funny person.


Louis Garrell photgraphed by Bruce Weber

Tous les garçons et les filles _ Françoise Hardy

met on 12 september

This is Marco, iPogo at circolo Magnolia, Milano

We absolutely had to party together, and we did it. He is my Marco from Bergamo, the one who gets really angry everytime I call him Marcobergamo.
Sometimes I can't stand him at all beacuse of his exaggerate pose as a very understanding person: you can't try to understand everything around you! It's insane and it brings you only troubles! It happens, talking with him, that I stop speaking and ask myself: "oh, why am I fucking telling him all this about me?".
Anyway, he's very special to me. Think we became friends last year, once he brought me home (by Vespa) cause I couldn't even take a taxi, but I didn't want him looking at my face cause I felt ugly. Then we had greatful party nights together, greatful Greek holidays and greatful time even studying.

This is Davide, iPogo at circolo Magnolia, Milano

Thanks to him we took the right bus to Linate Airport and from there we walked together to Idroscalo. Our conversation had three many moments: 1. walking to Magnolia: long legs, tall girls and vaginal orgasms 2. dancing/drinking/taking photos: planning to eat pasta at my home the morning after 3. in the car to Magazzini: damn! I'm really trying to think about it but I only remember something about a Russian film.

This is Sara, iPogo at circolo Magnolia, Milano

I met her while I was dancing. We became friends for fifteen minutes, we also asked each other our Facebook contacts, but I obviously can't remember hers and don't think she's going to remember mine.

This is Alice, PinkIsPunk re-opening at Magazzini Generali, Milano

We arrived there very late, it rained so much and high heels had destroyed my feet. I was so happy to see her because we knew each other only one week ago at the library and it's very different from meeting at four thirty in the morning!

met on 11 september

This is Stefano (Zino), Rocket, Milano

Rocket re-opened and I had to take invitations for Monday night: Steve Aoki.
There I met him. He usually is an amusing and nice person but yesterday:
-he was sad.
-I had altered perceptions so I thought he was sad but probably he wasn't.
-he didn't want to be nice with me cause next friday I'm not gonna be on his list to go to BuggedOUT!.
-he listened to Antony and the Johnsons the whole afternoon.
However, he always has amazing outfits.

Kazuo Ohno, photographed by Pierre-Olivier Deschamps (1984)
This is going to be the cover of Another World EP, that will be released in October, by Antony and the Johnsons

PRADA Fallen Shadows directed by James Lima, music by Antony and the Johnsons

met on 9 september

These are Angelo, Cioppi and Silvietta, Università Bocconi, Milano

Exam: financial system. Silvia arrived and ran away without trying doing it. Angelo was the incarnation of angst. Cioppi continously looked at me with deep blue terrified eyes. When I sat in front of the professor I went paler than how I usually am. Finally, everything went good. Today I had my statistics exam (but I dropped out) and tomorrow the marketing one. My head is blowing up.


holiday in Mexico, scene by the movie Sex and the City

met on 6 september

This is Luca, Milano

First: look at his face. Then: Look at his t-shirt. Right! It's the same person. He's a very magnificent crabby person, but in the friendly sense of the term: you have to get used to him. If you want to conquer him you have to wear "fishy" leggings (American Apparel dots shiny leggings), but don't dress up like this in Bocconi, nobody would understand you! I could quote thousands of his words or sour jokes but I don't know how to translate them in english.
So.. look at who would have been great to meet yesterday..

him! but dressed like Cruella De Vil

The Pussycat Dolls _ When I Grow Up

met on 5 september

This is Baptiste (Batti), Milano

Baptiste is french, but he studies here in Milan. He has troubles with languages: when he speaks italian you can hear an absurd mixture of french, southern italian and northern italian accent; when he speaks french I understand nothing, but I usually understand french!
Anyway, I loved him today cause he said to a friend of us (referring to me): "I do really think that month by month she becomes always more and more beautiful".

met on 4 september

These are Marchino and Alice (better known as RingoAli), Milano

Marchino is my partycrasher from Tuscany and she's the superfamous RingoAli! He studies with me, she studies Design in Brescia, but I met her for the first time here in Milan. She was something like desperate because of Paul that shouted during the whole night "You really look like Amy Winehouse! Hey! Doesn't she look like Amy Winehouse?!".
Marchino left this morning to New York, she's leaving in October to Birmingham.

Am I the only one staying here studying?!

Amy Winehouse photographed by Carolyn Djanogly

Amy Winehouse _ Valerie

met on 2nd september

This is Diego, via Sarfatti, Milano

My first day at the library. I arrived there at 10 and I started studying at 1. All because of this guy from Lecce that continously distracts me. He arrived every 20 minutes: "Coffee? Cigarette? Break?" Diegooo let me study!!
I knew him last year out of Plastic: he was so drunk that could not speak anymore, but he made me understand that he attended my university.
He's also a singer, look at this video Una vita da Bocconi.


my friend Gianni, 21 years old on 2nd September: Happy Birthday!!

Les Ogres de Barback _ Grand Mère

met on 1st september

This is Roby, our little but beautiful house, Milano

Our train left at 6.20 from Brescia, she obviously arrived at 6.19.59 at the station. She's my roommate, she's always late. Yesterday we arrived home: no hot water, no gas.
This morning we tried to turn on the gas and switch on the boiler. The boiler started losing water, a lot of water. It was 8.30 and I rang my superneighbour: "Please, help me!" but she (dressed in a very sporty pink pyjama was not able to make it work. We phoned the owner that called us a plumber. But I had to go to the library! I have four exams next week!
So I had a shower in my superneighbour's superJacuzzi. Great! I love my roommate but I also love my neighbour.

met on 31 august

This is Ale, Azzano Mella, Brescia

Summer officially ended on 31 August. I'm leaving to Milan, my full of books and clothes luggage is bigger than me and.. damn it's raining! Yesterday I said goodbye to my friends and this is Ale, talking about his heart troubles with his girlfriend. Nouvelle Vague as soundtrack. Finally we all decided that the end of the summer is never good for love, so.. welcome Septembertime, we trust in you!


Nouvelle Vague Bande à part album cover

Nouvelle Vague _ Dance With Me (Lords of the New Church)