met on 4 november

Viola, Rob - Public Library - Amsterdam

Rob lives in Amsterdam since last September, where he is working for Heineken. Viola was there visiting him. We spent a lot of time inside the beautiful public library. Outside it was so heavily raining that they definitely needed our (mine and Alice's) brand new muji military raincoats. I forgot mine at his place (please send it to me!). 
I made him discover that there is a sort of door between his bedroom and the stairs. Really, he had never noticed it before.

Paolo, Alice, Melissa - just a bar - amsterdam

Paolo and Melissa were flying to Kenya, but stopped in amsterdam for the night. We just needed an empty bar and we found it. They were freezing cause the only had leather jackets with them, but we laughed a lot. 
Thanks to Alice for being such a good fellow traveller.

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