met on 3rd december

These are Ross and Angelo, piazza Duomo, Milano

I was walking in via Torino with Angelo when we met him: insisting, insisting and again insisting on him joining us, he finally became part of our heavy open-bar aperitif at 55DSL temporarT shop opening.

This is Chiara, Neon Pub, Milano

Getting out of 55DSL, I "found" some Bacardi Cola cans in my pockets. This was my present for Chiara and Stella, that had a reading yesterday night at Neon Pub. Great girls, loved you!

This is Betty, Neon Pub, Milano

How the fuck a plastic guitar for children arrived in her hands yesterday night?! I really have no idea.


Debbie Harry
Angelo gave me his iPod because I had to come back home alone, but I was not able using an iPod. He set the volume and the song: Heart of Glass + maximum volume = people turned their faces looking at me. When I entered home I asked my housemate to switch it off.

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