welcome back bocconi exchange!

This is Alberto, back from Atlanta, Milano

Battistoooon! Last year he lived in the Bocconi dormitory, how many great parties there before going dancing!
Always clever, wise and very tidy.. our Battistoni is here again!
Now looking for a new apartment with Sergio, I'm waiting for invading it as soon as possible!

This is Sergio, back from Boston, Milano

Speaking with Sergio via Skype while he was studying;
speaking with Sergio via Skype without audio, miming him absurd stories with pencils and pens;
speaking with Sergio via Skype at Marc's party, with two drinks in my hands.

This is Stefano, back from Ohio, Milano

The guy who brought Betty home after her memorable collapse at Bocconi's cineforum.
The guy who brought Ale home after his memorable collapse at my birthday party.
The guy with whom Ale and I made our first nonsense film.
Missed you, Nutsman!

This is Ale, back from Paris, Milano

Last but not least.. Alino!! I have to admit that I really missed him, but also have to say that I am really angry with him. He came back on 20th December. I met him twice before leaving to India. He completely lost his heart (and his HEAD) for.. love! What a dull boy!
(one little kiss to Cioppi)

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