met on 23 april

These are Francesco and Marco, at Lattera Molloy, Brescia
(pic taken from Voltati)

Arrived at Latteria Molloy on friday evening for The Churchill Outfit concert, I met them at the entrance. For the first 14 years of my life I've lived in Verolanuova, a village I still love, and they were friends of mine. We used to meet in the main square or at La Piazzetta, the ice-cream parlour near the park.
They've founded (with other people) Contatto Diretto cultural association.
See you on 14-15-16 may at the Phonocult Festival in Verolavecchia!

This is Alberto, at Latteria Molloy, Brescia

We attended the same high-school, but we almost didn't know each other. Then we entered the same university, where he studies Economics and Social Sciences. We met yesterday and started to talk talk talk about our university, the new experience of the post-graduate courses and we would have never stopped! We arrived at the conclusion that we are risking to get sick from attending Bocconi.

they're waiting for you at the Phonocult Festival on the 14th May

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ahhh che onore! per la seconda volta su Isa's_MY.