met on 20 august

This is Cata, Festa di Radio Onda d'Urto, Brescia

Sie ist super!
Cata lived in Berlin and she gave me useful tips for my trip there.
She's helping in Festa di Radio Onda d'Urto backstage and she is now engaged with.. an amazing guy.
She creates beautiful necklaces you can find at Bazaarwear!

These are Annuz and Keita, Festa di Radio Onda d'Urto, Brescia

Annuz still owes me a picture of mine taken by a friend of her! Finally we became facebook friends and maybe I'll arrange to have it. I'm begging, but the picture was called beer against cedrata! I think it's a good reason for my insistence.
Keita!! It was something like 2 years (or more) we didn't meet!
Once he told me his dog was called Nami (storm in japanese) because his father had to bring it from Japan to Brescia via helicopter in the middle of a great storm. And I believed it, of course.


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