I think that, now and then, everybody deserves a break.
Metyesterday took its break.
I thought about moving metyesterday to tumblr or even saying goodbye and draw the curtain over every blog, but during this break-month I met many people and my first thought always went to Metyesterday.

Maybe Metyesterday needs a change, but there's no need of moving to tumblr or somewhere else. Welcome back on Metyesterday!

I didn't take pictures of all those I met, but I have something:

met on 26 october - 26 november

1) Vincenzo, Chatroulette (he is in Marsala, Sicily)
2) Maddi and Fuggio, Trattoria da Lina
3) Franci and Lina, Trattoria da Lina
4) Cecco, Halloween
5) Ali and Tati, at PanePasta
6) Marchino, Balakobako Café
7) Angelo, Skype (he is in Nigata, Japan)
8) Ale, Halloween
9) Dino and I, Halloween

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