met on new year's eve

Arianna, Ria (hope it's written like that), Isotta, at Marchino's place, Milano

The New Year's Eve girls!
Arianna, back from Bergen where she spend the last 4 cold months. She arrived in Milan with the idea of coming back home in the night, but she obviously quickly changed her mind. Norway made her even more beautiful.
Ria, arrived directly from California. She's the smile girl: she knew nobody but immediately felt at ease with us. Hope to meet you again!
Isotta, the no-Facebook Romagnole girl. She now lives in Sarajevo where she's learning slavonic. I was really curious about Sarajevo, actually I knew everything about it, but after what she told me I would really love spending some time there. Did you know there's no McDonald's in Sarajevo? I've found this quite amazing. Not negative, of course, but strange.



give up the funk

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