met on 16 march

Elektra, at Luca & Andrea, Milano

Elektra, from Athens, spent this last month in Milano hosted by a friend. She then decided to move here starting from next September to study Scenography, but she still has to choose where to do it.
Any suggestions?

Massimiliano, at Luca & Andrea, Milano

Massimiliano is a Bocconi professor, but I met him for the first time at Bar Rattazzo. In a few time he'll move to Hamburg and I think his students-friends are going to miss him.

Whitney and Nadina, at Luca & Andrea, Milano

Whitney, from New York, and Nadina, from Chicago, are doing their internship here in Milano.
Whitney told us really scary experiences with facebook (and I really reconsidered the privacy issue on fb), while Nadina revealed herself to be a great Farmville player, thanks to her internship.

it would have been great having
the amazing Olivier Dollé bookshelf

map of tasmania

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