special edition: met on H O L I D A Y

Azzano Mella
Ivan and Yessen (pic stolen from their facebook, taken at Venice Biennale) came visiting me at my place, we went to Iseo Lake and I've discovered that I don't know Iseo at all!

The weather in July has been fine and when August arrived... everybody felt it! 
Above on the left is my brother, able to sunbathe only because of the fan next to him.

Manuel, official winner of the kitsch-tombola!
What's a kitsch-tombola? It's a sort of bingo, but, as a prize, we put up all those awful objects we did not want anymore. Manuel won many things: the zebra cap he's wearing, a rucksack branded Algida, a married couple made of ceramic, a terrible heart-shaped-clock and many other things.


Dino and Ste, just chilling out on the beautiful island of Favignana. 
We met Stefano just for one day, before he went back home. 
If you go to Favignana, rent a bike and enjoy the amazing coastal little roads. 

Irene, who will be my flatmate starting from next September, hosted Dino and me in Marettimo, island next to Favignana. If Favignana was beautiful, I'd say Marettimo is almost perfect. 
I spent awesome time there and I'll endlessly thank her and her fabulous parents for giving us such a great hospitality.

Roberta, Robi, Ro! (pic stolen from her facebook)
We virtually met last summer (she had to be my Couchsurfing host in Berlin), but actually met in March in Milano, because she moved there. 
While having breakfast in Favignana, Dino asked me: "Isn't she Roberta, your friend from Palermo?". Yes, she was. Fate. We casually met for breakfast in Favignana, so she offered us an accommodation  in Palermo. She's a crazy, outgoing and incredibly nice girl and her friends too. Thank you! 
In Palermo I totally fell in love with the tree in the picture above: ficus macrophylla.


Marchino, we missed you so much! He's just back from Shanghai, where he spent six months. We could hardly wait to meet him after such a long time. 
Also his parents are amazing: his cute mum, Manu, is really famous among our friends because of huge breakfasts she prepares for her guests. 

it has been great receiving
Dino gave me this wooden box as a present for my 24th birthday.
Actually, the box is the container of the present, but it has one big peculiarity:
in order to be opened, it needs 24 hands, I can't open it by myself. On the sides of the box there are some little keys/wrenches that have to be pulled at the same time to unlock the cover; the keys are in total 23 and the 24th hand has the fundamental task to open the cover.
I still don't know anything about the content, but I loved it. I love that he spent so much time to figure out this idea and the way to realize it, but I mostly love the final result and the thing that this box is so fascinating and cute that gives me patience to wait for the right night to open it.

king of the beach

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