met on 5 october

Ali, Ceci, Irene, Franci, Silvia and me, at PanePasta, Milano

Six girls, all together, in a small room. Progesterone at maximum levels. 
Really, it was so weird being in so many girls in the same room. I live with three other girls, but we barely meet and the probability that we have dinner all together is very low. Yesterday, it happened: the four of us plus Franci (ex-flatmate, now working in Milano) and Silvia (Irene's friend).

it would have been great meeting
Celeste Boursier-Mougenot, the artist who brought little birds (finches) and guitars (Gibson Les Paul) at Hangar Bicocca. 
Go there and experience it, I should not say more than this. 
Till 4 December 2011 - Hangar Bicocca - Milano.


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