met on 30 march

Ares or Rèas or similar, in the elevator, Milano

Going to have dinner at Dino's place, I entered the elevator with my brother and my flatmates and there we met him. Alice (dark brown hair in the background) started singing loudly the song Alouette and he sang with us!

this sounds cool (even if i hate the word cool)...
next Sunday (3rd April) - Exploding Fluid Inevitable
from 18 to 22, via Botta 18, Milano
exhibition in an abandoned swimming pool

venus in furs (from Exploding Plastic Inevitable by Andy Warhol)

met on 28 march

Romi, at Le Tits, Brescia
[pic stolen from her facebook]

We've been classmates for five years at high-school and yesterday I barely recognized her. I didn't expect to meet her at all! She brought me up to date about other ex-classmates and ...
my best congratulations go to Karol that passed the test to enter medicine and had the courage to give up with what she was studying, but a HUGE good luck to Silvia who got married!! Yes, she got M A R R I E D !

i really like their mood
Le Tits, Circolo Arci U.N.O. -
via Redipuglia 11, Brescia

miles to go

met on 20 march

Andrea, Caffè della Pusterla, Milano

Sunday morning means breakfast at Caffè della Pusterla.
There you can always meet our neighbours, as Andrea, that always greets us saying "how beautiful you are, just as you wake up".

i really loved
Ackroyd & Harvey, Testament, 1998-2010.
Growing grass.

pick up the phone

met on 19 march

Manu, at PanePasta, Milano

Manu, just came back from London, is now looking for a job as window dresser.
If you need her... tell me.
It was the first thunderstorm of the season and we loved staying home: 8 people around the table playing all sorts of games.

brand new pet! Ali and Manu's hedgehog!

bloodbuzz ohio

met on 18 march

Jacopo, Viola, Ari, at Bar Rattazzo, Milano

We're gonna move to The Netherlands, rent a big house and found a urban farm.

my flatmate never stops talking about
The Naked Lunch, by William S. Burroughs.
Here is Tati interpreting the William Tell tragic game scene.

eva eva

met on 17 march

Jacopo and Sofia, at PanePasta, Milano

Jacopo, my flatmate Ceci's brother, and his girlfriend Sofia had lunch at our place.
I met them also the night before, trying to enter a big open bar party organized by Sony.
They brought us some very peculiar Zigulì, created to promote The Vaccines, a not so special indie rock band (in my opinion, nice background music for sunny sunday afternoons).

the vaccines zigulì

if you wanna

met on 16 march

Elektra, at Luca & Andrea, Milano

Elektra, from Athens, spent this last month in Milano hosted by a friend. She then decided to move here starting from next September to study Scenography, but she still has to choose where to do it.
Any suggestions?

Massimiliano, at Luca & Andrea, Milano

Massimiliano is a Bocconi professor, but I met him for the first time at Bar Rattazzo. In a few time he'll move to Hamburg and I think his students-friends are going to miss him.

Whitney and Nadina, at Luca & Andrea, Milano

Whitney, from New York, and Nadina, from Chicago, are doing their internship here in Milano.
Whitney told us really scary experiences with facebook (and I really reconsidered the privacy issue on fb), while Nadina revealed herself to be a great Farmville player, thanks to her internship.

it would have been great having
the amazing Olivier Dollé bookshelf

map of tasmania

met on 5 march

Enrico and Camille, PanePasta, Milano

Camille came from Paris visiting her boyfriend: dinner at my place!
Poor Enrico, from Ancona, sea-lover, can't really stand Milano. I hope he'll get used to the grey sky, that can be fascinating (sometimes).
Actually I am really in love with this town and I try to do everything to make people like it too. If you need any kind of advices/tips/whatever, just call me and I'll try to do my best.

for the first time after one month

I found Marchino on Skype! There (Shanghai) it was 5.15am.

don't believe me when i'm high

met on 3rd march

Roberta, Botega Caffé Cacao, Milano

WOW! Love at first sight!
We virtually met on couchsurfing last summer (I asked to surf her couch in Berlin, but she was moving back to Italy), but we personally met yesterday for the first time.
She is from Palermo, where she studied philosophy, then moved to Berlin, then to Milano. BUT next Autumn she will move to Jerusalem.
WOW, again.
She's a great girl, with so many stories to tell. And I love stories.

next tuesday - 8 march - you are all invited here

the suburbs