after a long break,

i promise i'll do all my best to keep updating metyesterday. being always tired is not nice.
i'm waiting for an iPhone as graduation gift.

random people met during last month (those i've remembered to photograph):

Officially part of Pane&Pasta family, even if we never meet. He is the founder and owner of OSART gallery in Milano. Think about going there if you want to start investing in art.

Alvise is from Venice. All people called Alvise come from Venice. Do you know any Alvise not coming from Venice?

 Little Steve Zissou.

Sudden temperature changes in February: from -15°C to +18°C.

 Dino, Marchino, Ste.

On the left: Marco. I think I'll never have the opportunity to see him dressed like this again.
On the right: Again Marchino and Dino, on the way to Tunnel club.

The easiest person to find on the dancefloor: dressed in yellow, wearing white sunglasses. We never lost him.

 The Chinese guy just out of Tunnel.

 Sergio and Alexia.
Lovely couple, lovely saturday, lovely mozzarella.

Pane&Pasta and its guests.
(Starting from the left) Luca. Alice's brother, looking for a job in Milano. / Alice. Officially Pane&Pasta occupant. / Paolo. Alice's friend. / Jacopo. Ceci's brother, just started a Master in Design. / Ceci. Officially Pane&Pasta occupant. / Dino. My boyfriend.
(Not in the picture) Irene / Officially Pane&Pasta occupant. / Me. Officially Pane&Pasta occupant.

i want my hair like this
Prada F/W 2012-2013

welcome to tijuana