met on 15 april

Giacomo, Andre, Dino - Serra Lorenzini - Milano

L'Orso - Serra Lorenzini - Milano

Sunday afternoon at Serra Lorenzini (M-Abbiategrasso) organized by LoVeRs. Serra Lorenzini is a huge and beautiful greenhouse in the southern Milano. I was there with my brother, my flatmate Alice and Dino. We obviously met our neighbours, Giacomo and Andrea.
L'Orso (there was also a girl that does not appear in the picture above) played some acoustic songs and everything was peaceful, but we were really hungry and decided  to conclude the day at Ostello Bello..

Alice and Fabrizio - Ostello Bello - Milano

As you read in the met on 6 march post, my flatmate Ali talked about herself and her job in a special video by Corriere TV. At Ostello Bello she met another protagonist of those videos: here is Fabrizio, the chef.

i hope it'll rain at least till the end of the month

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