met on 19 may

Yuri, Pepe and Dino - via Padova - Milano

Let's go to via Padova! Today there is the via Padova area festival!
Ok.. there was nothing. 
Really, nothing.
We asked in a bar, they even had the festival flyers, but they did not knew anything about it. 
We watched the penalty kicks of the Champions League: Bayern - Chelsea. I think Chelsea won.

Guys singing and playing - Colonne di San Lorenzo - Milano

After semi-clubbing in via Padova, we went to Cox18 and when it closed we arrived in Colonne. There we met this guys and a bunch of crazy and sometimes uncomfortable people. We sang (I personally did not since I am sadly ignorant about Italian music) and somewhat danced.

Nice people - Colonne di San Lorenzo - Milano

The guy was tenderly sleeping and the girl tenderly supervised him. The thing is that he was sleeping while listening to some supertrash music coming from some supertrash radio station.

Lion - corso Genova - Milano

We finally had breakfast in corso Genova, where we met Lion. He's from Germany but lived in England half of his life. He now studies Finance in Milano and he spent his saturday night heavily clubbing at Just Cavalli, Plastic and Hollywood. 

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