met on 7 november

These are Roby and Matteo, our little but beautiful home, Milano

I already knew Matteo, but in a different contest from the one I met him yesterday. Our first dialogue in this house was something so weird, that I can't even remember it.
But I remember when I came back home tonight at five that it has been really a pleasure finding them on the sofa.
Please look at Roby's curly hair, I did them with my magic hands and she's so beautiful and cool!

This is Stefano, Circolo Magnolia, Milano

Last Marc's friend I met was supposed to bring me home, but he couldn't find his car so we had to catch a bus. Stefano, another Marc's friend, found his car yesterday but I had to drive while he was shouting in the back of the car: "Biloute! Biloute!" or "Hey you drive it carefully, it's my dad's car" or "I'm from Holland, I live in Amsterdam" and he never never stopped talking.


Marc - NEMSI

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