met on 13 november

These are Stella and Rasputin, casa Teodosio, Milano

Betty and Stella's house is always full of surprises: yesterday night Rasputin the hamster, the tiny and shy Rasputin found in a trash can that spends his evenings alone in the kitchen because he can't stand smoke.
Here in Stella's hands, Stella the musician with her 4 or 5 or 6 bands, with her amazing knowledge of music, Stella that yesterday was planning to go to Sonar in Barcelona because "you should go there before you are thirty".
I was almost forgetting the second "casa Teodosio"'s surprise, our table cloth for the dinner (Betty design):
oh yes, old newspapers table-cloth! Have fun soiling it, don't have to wash, just turn the page!

everything, but here is the dessert: honey pudding with blackberries

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bepppps said...

che seria hai messo pure il link a satana!