met on 5 march

This is Nick, Diesel Store, Milano

Nick, from New Jersey, studied with Sergio in Boston. He speaks perfect italian, but sometimes he should speak english:
we were taking a picture with some friends, when a guy arrived and put himself in the middle; Nick tought he was american too, so shouted in italian "AND WHO THE FUCK IS THIS GUY?". The guy obviously was not too happy about that.

This is ?, tram 14, Milano

This girl offered Easter egg to everybody on the tram..
little things able to make everybody smile.


"chi getta semi al vento farà fiorire il cielo" -
it was at the Darsena, in the nearest of where i live, now it has been erased
Ivan Milan street poet
till 15 March at Spazio Oberdan


giorgia said...

isa anche io ho scritto un post su quella scritta della darsena tempo è ricomparsa sotto il primo ponte del naviglio pavese :)

Poooool said...

la conosco a memoria questa scritta. Sono le prime parole che avevo imparato quando sono arrivato a Milano. :) happy times

welcomeonmytree said...

e allora tornaci a Milano!