met on 27 march

These are Joergen and Matt, at Bond, Milano

People from Norway are always amazing! They all study at Bocconi and, mostly during the weekend, you can find at least one of them in every club or pub.
That's a great thing because like every person in northeuropean countries they speak perfect english and drink as everybody should do at least during weekends.

This is Vincenzo, at Plastic, Milano

It has been great meeting him after almost 10 months. As always, skinnier than ever as he dances on the cube.

This is Luchino, taxi to go back home, Milano

"Heyyy! Are you going to XXIV Maggio square? Share the taxi with us!"
In the taxi he said me I'm ill-mannered because I ask too many questions.
In the taxi he said Flavia she's well-mannered because she doesn't ask questions.
What a boring person!

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