met on 19 august

These are Giulia and Stefano, Festa di Radio Onda d'Urto, Brescia

"Hi girls, I introduce myself: I am Stefano"
Our conversation started like this and continued in a totally nonsense way
After big efforts and digressions we understood that:
Brescia is the most beautiful city IN THE WORLD, but he can't move here because it's too far from Bologna
Festa di Radio Onda d'Urto is the best event IN THE WORLD
finally, and always in his opinion, Rancid and the Sex Pistols played here some years ago.

One huge kiss to Giulia, that is moving to Holland tomorrow.


Ansicht von Delft (View on Delft) by Johannes Vermeer 1660-61

Delft is the place where Giulia is going to live.
There is a renowned Design Institute where she's going to study.

Talk To Me - Peaches

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