met on 16 august

This is Anna, Festa di Radio Onda d'Urto, Brescia

After quiet long time we didn't see each other:
"Anna! So you study .. physics?"
"No, not at all! You said physics only because when you had to enter Bocconi I helped you with that question.."
It's incredible how we convince ourselves of totally nonreal things: I really thought she was studying physics, while she lives in London and studies graphic design!

This is Nicola, Festa di Radio Onda d'Urto, Brescia

We attended the same secondary school. I don't remember any mutual friends we could have, so I don't know why I knew him. I adored him because he was always cheery and funny, but he hated my best friend (still don't know why) so I had to meet him alone.
Yesterday he was really hungry but every stall was already closed, luckily I was with Betty that always has something to eat in her bag: in this case was a olives bread.

These are Luciano and Alessandro, way home

Yesterday I decided to sleep at Betty's, but we didn't have a car.
She met these friends of her, they brought us home listening to Gun Club.
Thank youuu.


I love Radio Onda d'Urto because of the great gigs it organises every year.
They are the Anti-Flag

Death of a Nation - Anti Flag

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