met on 5 may

Flerida and Polpis, at Flerida's place, Milano

Flerida is one of the most radiant person I've ever met and she has this funny tiny dog who never stops running and barking at everybody.
I really have to say thanks to her for the amazing night and for having offered us her beautiful flat. We were really lots of people and a girl even stole a whole pizza and put it in her bag (yes, she folded it up and put it in her bag!!!).

Natalina, at Flerida's place, Milano

You know when you feel you really like the person in front of you without knowing her?
To me, it happened with Natalina!
We talked about.. I really don't remember what, but something concerning Scandinavian bands and boys studying at Bocconi. Then we went home together with my boyfriend and my brother, it was late and she told me she had to wake up really early cause she had an exam at 9.
Hope everything went well.

great party to say goodbye to a great girl
[pic by Bea]
Tati left Milano, at least since next autumn.


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