met on 19 may

Giorgio and the bearded woman, on tram 9, Milano

Milanese goliardi (or goliardici?) students in Milano.
They were asking money to shave the bearded woman, but I don't know if anybody financed them.
These associations are spread all over Italian universities and there is a historical tradition behind them. If you wanna know more, look for it on Wikipedia.

Ellen, Vice new issue launch, Milano

For two weeks, Ellen, or Lellen, is working in the catering of big fairs.
She came back yesterday from Dusseldorf and today she left to Budapest.
She's shocked by catering food. She told us she'll never eat again catering food.

i'd love, but don't know if i'd wear
When I was a child, I didn't like at all floral Dr.Martens, they were too ladylike.
Now, I love them.


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