met on 28 october

Giulia, at Cox18, Milano
[pic'stolen' from her facebook]

Meeting her around is always a pleasure: she is always radiant and lively and she tells you a lot of things.
Among her facebook pictures, I've chosen the one above because she has a typical 'Giulia expression'!
Cox18 is one of the best place I know.

Amanda and Jessica, at Cox18, Milano

Emmy and Jessy! I was just arrived and spent with them at least 10 minutes only talking about incredibly nonsense and stupid stuff. Great!
Jessica is from Cecina, reason why you are naturally inclined to like her.

American girls, at Cox18, Milano

I had a lot of fun with them and they told me I'm cute. We are almost friends, then. I don't know exactly how we started to talk each other, but in the end the girl on the right wanted me to go with her dancing some french-something-music at don't-know-where.


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