met on 27 october

Giovanna, at Vice and 55 DSL party, Milano

Yesterday I went to the 55 DSL store for the launch party of the new Vice issue (and the Death in plains concert which I actually didn't see). I love it when they organize this kind of events: from 18.30 to 21, you end your study/work day with a free beer and a new Vice issue and you calmly decide what to do of your evening, according to who you meet.
Giovanna and I studied together and now she works for Diesel, at the press office. We don't know each other that much, but I think we mutually like us. Hope to meet you again soon!

Sunyong, Milano
[pic 'stolen' from her facebook]
I met the sweet Sunyoung because of my friend Marchino, who invited her at RadioBocconi to talk about Corean food and drinks. Thanks to her, I ate superdelicious bagels at The Bagel Factory in piazza XXIV Maggio (and yes, I know that bagels aren't Corean at all).
I've always looked at her with admiration when I used to meet her at university, because she is always always perfectly groomed. Yesterday she told me that she is necessarily well-dressed because she only buys incredibly cute clothes to go out and incredibly sporty ones to go to the gym, so that she has no chance to go wrong.

Claire, at Angelo's place, Milano

Claire is Greek, but she lives in Amsterdam, where she studies arts, specifically glass blowing. 
I made her a lot of questions about it and learnt things I would have never imagined about working with glass.

i loved pre-partying at Angelo's place

voodoo people

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