met from 25 to 27 november

Marchino, Nico, Dino, Paul, Cami, Manon, Mado

After 2 years, Paul came back to Milano for the weekend. With him, his cousin Manon and his friend Mado. 
We had great time together and the weekend passed incredibly quickly, too quickly. In the first picture we are all wearing the pin SOS Racisme, where Paul works in Paris. Paul, we all missed you so much!! 
It was also great that Cami was in Milano, because she's so crazy that she could not get bored this weekend.
In the secondo picture are Manon and Mado. Manon is now living in Paris with Paul, but she'll graduate in March at my university, while Mado lives in London and is now looking for a job.
Hope to meet you all soon, 'cause I'm already missing you a lot!

Noteworthy: take a last look at Dino's glasses, because they got lost at Plastic.


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