met on 27 june

Marta and Filippo, Padiglione Italia - Regione Lombardia, Milano

Filippo has been invited to exhibit his works at the Padiglione Lombardia of the 54th Art Biennale. 
It was long time I didn't see him and his girlfriend Marta, and it has been a pleasure, even if we didn't manage to meet later.
My best congratulations to you!
Here is his website

it has been great meeting
these guys own the best kebab shop in town (at the beginning of the Naviglio pavese).
yes, i know, i don't eat meat and i've never tasted their kebab, but i like their french fries! they are actually warmed up in a microwave, but i can assure you that they're the best and they're cheap and you'll never leave the shop without having received a huge smile. moreover, they're almost always open, of course. 


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