met on 20 june

Marina and Luigi, at their place, Milano

Marina is the owner of Pane&Pasta, the flat I live in. She invited me and my flatmates for a great dinner cooked by her, taking in account that I don't eat meat, Ceci doesn't eat fish and Alice doesn't eat cheese. The fourth flatmate didn't come.
Marina definitely has a distinguishing furnishing style and I love it. 
You can see houses furnished by her here:

Francesca, Mattia, Matteo, Fabio, at La Vineria, Milano

After dinner at Marina's, we went for fresh white wine at La Vineria. There we met these people, who had a picnic before, and they offered us pop-corns and Pringles and peanuts. If I remember well, they all paint or draw or similar stuff, apart from Francesca, who works for Diesel.
Hope to meet you again at La Vineria on monday night!

it would have been great meeting
Frate Indovino, whose calendar always teaches me something new.

last stop: this town

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