met on 14 june

Francesco, at Università Bocconi, Milano

Something like 40 minutes before our CSR exam, we reviewed some concepts together and it has been incredibly useful, since the four questions we had to answer to regarded just those concepts.
Hope we did a good job!

Roberto (?), at Pane&Pasta, Milano

While going to the supermarket, I saw this guy standing in front of my house main entrance. I thought "he's probably friend of Alice (my flatmate)", but without focusing my mind on it. I simply thought it for 1 second. Then, I went back home and I found him in my kitchen. Actually, they're not even friends, they simply know each other. I was very tired, so I literally assailed him talking about bullshit.

i'm in love with

Nonna Ananda, vegetarian, 91 years old. Here is only a trailer (0.53 minutes, you can watch it).



beps said...

non mi ci vedi?

welcomeonmytree said...

claro que sì