met on 19 september

a guy, Central Station, Milano

I hate meeting people that want to talk, at all costs. It was late monday evening, I was doing my business on the train from Brescia to Milano and he started asking me what I was doing, how and why. The thing is that he only waited for me to ask "and you?". I hate when people talk to you only waiting for their turn. When I asked him "and you?" I actually wanted to asked "and you, where are you going? (he told he had to go to the airport)", but I couldn't complete my sentence because he started "Yeah, I'm going to Norway because I have a girlfriend there, she lives in... she studies... I come from... I live in... I live with...  I study...". He ended up telling me "Hey, your face is already familiar to me, it's like I already know you, I told you so many things!" - that I did not want to know.

movie recommendation
Carnage by Roman Polanski

strange mercy

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